The idea of having a personal or business assistant is foreign to many of us. We’ve come to believe that having an assistant is only for those with loads of money who choose not to handle the daily tasks of life. NOT TRUE.

A MOD Assistant is for the everyday busy man or woman. Busy mom. Busy dad. Busy CEO. Busy business owner. Busy homemaker. All of us.


Assistants have accomplished countless numbers of tasks for our clients that you would not even think of. Outside your typical list of errands – what else do you simply not want to do? What do you wish you could do if you just had a few extra minutes? What you have procrastinated to start?


  1. Coordinated payment of parking tickets and outstanding traffic tolls.
  2. Filed a stack of papers that was sitting on the edge of the desk for months.
  3. Scheduled and took pets to the groomer, the vet, or the kennel.
  4. Got kids? We’ve incorporated their school calendar and sports schedule and academic activities all into your work/personal calendar.
  5. Vacation planning. We can book flights, grab restaurant reservations, schedule activities and present it all back to you in an organized itinerary.
  6. How about the seasonal cleaning? We’ve taken bulky comforters and rugs to the laundry service. And picked them up and delivered right back to you.
  7. Weeding around property. YUP!
  8. Handy work: painted a small/easy job in one of our client’s kitchen.
  9. Organized closets: sizing clothing or editing wardrobe, box up and take to goodwill
  10. Renew your license and/or registration online or at the DMV. Because everyone hates this task.

With so many things to do each day, an assistant could lead to a happier life. Let our MOD Assistant team (Denver) (Pittsburgh) offer some insight on improvements to your day and suggestions on how a helping hand can make all the difference.