The goal of every MOD Assistant is getting organized. It’s the center to how our company improves the lives of our clients.  Everyone wants to get organized and reduce stress, but the truth is that our stress is keeping us from getting organized! Feeling “stressed” is a common complaint these days – Worn out, burned out, and drowning in to-dos?  Applying simple rules, daily to-do’s and time for yourself are the three important steps to achieving that just-right amount of daily organization to stay calm and cool. While a MOD Assistant may not be with you every step of the way, read these few tips, take a few minutes to examine your life, and see where you might be able to make some of these adjustments.


Removing the clutter is a quick way to reduce stress. Get paperwork organized and go paperless where you can. Sort incoming paperwork as you receive it and file your emails as they come in. Throw anything away that doesn’t serve the daily need of saving money, action/notice of importance, and bills.  Add a five minute morning or afternoon task to your day and you will gain twenty minutes back from the daily searching you are doing each day looking for things.


A disorganized mind causes stress above all else. Spend the time to declutter your mind often.  Being organized helps with the sense of control. We all need a sense of control to feel motivated and stay ambitious. Start with writing things down in a planner, keep check lists or simply record reminders on your phone for yourself. Decluttering your mind will help with the mess around you.

For the material items, just let go of the things that aren’t creating happiness.  Start purchasing things you enjoy; in moderation of course. Simple things like fresh flowers or a bit of chocolate in your space will create peace and a smile. Regularly clean out your space, keeping only what you love. Let go of anything that doesn’t hold a present purpose in your life or any objects that trigger negativity. Create an environment of calm, in your home, your office, your bedroom, even your car.


With so much to do each day it’s easy to forget about “your” needs. Days will continue to pass and you will continue to crumble away. Trust us, you have the time and must make it a priority. Believe that your happiness is more important, and a to do list can be completed in time.  Be a better you and begin by taking a few moments each day to sit quietly and recap your needs.  Add in 30-60 minutes of personal time at least three times a week for whatever you like that benefits you. When your time is organized, you’ll feel the reduction in stress. Planning for the next day is another great suggestion to feel on top your life – set out anything you need to take with you in the morning, pick out your clothes, locate your car keys, and remind yourself of special tasks. Start your morning centered and focused, rather than rushing around.


Listen to your body and what it needs during this time of transition. Be easy on yourself, it will take days before you find a new routine.  Turn off the TV, book or computer and set a goal of 8 hours of sleep.  Feeling refreshed, will create focus for every step forward. Everything will get done in time.  It’s better to look great than have a list complete with bags under your eyes and a cranky attitude. Be realistic with the demands you place on yourself.  Set goals that are realistic and attainable so you don’t tear yourself down in the process.


Feeling over booked? By taking on too many projects and obliging yourself to too many people, you lose sight of your purpose or end goals. Set priorities for yourself and your work each week.  Setting time limits per activity or capping the number of appointments set per day will begin to ease the sense of rushing around. Time management is the key to happiness. If you lose steam and momentum because you’re overcommitted, overloaded and overwhelmed, life will feel like a chore.

Examine your strengths and stick to activities that endorse those qualities.  Say yes to the things you would like to do or that are a priority.  It’s not required that you participate in every activity, serve on every committee, or personally handle each problem that comes your way. Lose that knee-jerk reaction of saying “yes” every time someone asks you to do something. You must know your limits and stick to them.

– this post was written by MOD Assistant, Lauren Just