A couple weeks ago, we wrote a blog post, “Handing Over Your Household Management to a Personal Assistant” and it included a list of tasks your personal assistant can take over. We thought we’d expand on that and give you insight on some of the more annoying and mundane tasks that your personal assistant can do for you.

Wait for the Cable/Internet Guy

Isn’t it annoying how cable and internet companies always tend to give a 3 hour window of when they’ll be there? Who has time to sit around for 3 hours waiting for someone? Your personal assistant does. If your assistant is helping with other things that day, that’s a bonus – they’ll already be at your house or office.

Stay on Hold with Customer Service

Just like waiting around for the cable guy, being put on hold is an annoying part of life. If you have to get in touch with customer service at Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart (or any big-box retailer), then there’s a good chance it’ll take up at least 20 minutes of your day. Let your personal assistant deal with the long waits, annoying hold music, and “let me transfer you to my manager” runaround.

Research, Choose, & Schedule Contractors

A lot of projects go by the wayside because of the time it takes to research and choose vendors. Need some landscaping done? Have your assistant look into local experts to get reviews, pricing, and availability. Have an electrical issue? Your assistant can find and schedule a reputable electrician. Depending on the amount of direct involvement and interaction you want, your assistant can coordinate most contractors and projects.

Water Your Plants

When you’ve got a lot going on, certain things tend to get neglected. If you don’t have a green thumb, your house and outdoor plants can be easily forgotten. Your assistant can make sure all of your plants get the love and water they need.

Wash Your Car

If you’re constantly on the go, your car is bound to get dirty. Even if you drive a lot, finding the time to get your car washed can be challenging. Or, it can simply slip your mind. Your personal assistant can take your car through the wash, or if they’re feeling up to the challenge and it’s a nice day outside, they can wash it themselves. They can also help you stay on track of other routine car maintenance items like having it detailed, getting the oil changed, and tires rotated.

Clear Out Junk and Sell Your Stuff

A personal assistant can help you organize and either trash, donate, or sell unwanted stuff. If you have stuff to donate, your assistant can research local donation centers and drop everything off for you. If you have nicer stuff that you’re trying to sell, your assistant can do so through Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or other sites, like OfferUp and Poshmark. It might seem like an easy task that you can do yourself, but there are some things to consider when selling online.

  • Taking and uploading photos
  • Item description and measurements
  • Joining and selecting local groups to increase visibility
  • Pricing items
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Communicating with buyer to arrange pickup or drop-off time and location

Schedule Your COVID Vaccine

Hear us out – trying to find vaccine availability has become a full-time job for some people. Some states have the process streamlined better than others. If you’re having trouble finding vaccine availability, let your assistant do the research and snag you a spot. They can check the pharmacies around the clock for new availability, join the local vaccine distribution Facebook groups, and put your name on all the lists. When a spot comes available, they’ll be able to schedule it for you. Your assistant will do all the tedious work, so you just have to show up.

Whatever the annoying task, your personal assistant can most likely accomplish it for you. Contact us today to inquire about our personal and virtual assistant services.