Having a virtual assistant can transform your business. It’s important to make sure you’re using them effectually. Did you know some apps can help you collaborate with and more effectively utilize your virtual assistant? Below are 7 apps we recommend.


Slack is like a fully upgraded instant messenger (Remember AIM?). The app is designed for teams to communicate better. Slack features streams and channels to stay organized with the people on your project or team. Slack integrates with other major apps and services such as Google, Dropbox, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and more.


Asana is a project management and organization tool. The app allows you to build project plans, set deadlines, and coordinate tasks. Like Slack, there’s a messaging feature, and it integrates with other apps and services. With Asana, you can choose how to view and track your progress – Calendar, List, Boards, etc.


Loom is a video messaging product geared towards work teams. Users find it helpful for team alignment, marketing, product management, sales, and more. Loom is more in-depth than your standard video messenger. It features calls-to-action, engagement insights, content security, and custom branding.


There are many password managers on the market. We love 1Password for its ease of use, low price, and of course, security. Many of our assistants use 1Password with their clients and find it easy to share login information securely.


ClickUp is another project management tool. “One app to replace them all” is its motto. ClickUp has simple pricing and affordable pricing and also offers a free version. The app can help teams manage their processes, tasks, and time. Everything is in one place – documents, spreadsheets, to-do lists, events, email, and chat.


If you’re a visual person, you’ll love Miro. It’s an online collaborative whiteboard. Users can choose templates to create mind maps, blueprints, wireframing, story maps, and more. With Miro, you can add your own files, and it integrates with other apps like Zoom and Slack. When teams are increasingly working remotely, Miro brings users together for real-time collaboration, bridging the “virtual” gap.


Dropbox has been around a long time – and for good reason. The digital filing cabinet allows users to store and organize files and access them from anywhere. Located in both desktop and cloud, files can be created in Dropbox or uploaded directly to it.

There are many apps and products on the market. Trying to choose which ones to use can be overwhelming. We recommend you determine your top needs and go from there. If you primarily need a place to centralize your files, look into Dropbox. If your project management and workflows could be improved, consider Asana or ClickUp. Your virtual assistant is likely to have some good ideas too. Communicate with them to determine which tools would be helpful.

If you don’t yet have a virtual assistant and have questions, we’d love to talk! Contact us and we’ll be in touch to coordinate a discussion.