What runs all day but never goes anywhere? …. your fridge!

We couldn’t help ourselves. But in reality this post is all about that very important appliance in your kitchen. It is quite possible the most used place in your kitchen and the perfect place to begin a kitchen organizing journey. We have rounded up our favorite refrigerator additions to keep your space functional and organized.

Egg Refrigerator Drawer

You never knew you needed this. But, you do. Adding a DIY drawer for your eggs saves much needed space in your fridge. We have two options for you, depending on your aesthetic wishes. Option One. Option Two.

Wine / Glass Bottle Rack

Laying tall bottles (aka wine bottles) instead of keeping them upright can not only save room but adds to that perfect organized look you are after. Plus, many times the way our shelves are set up, we don’t have enough room to keep these bottles upright. We love this glass bottle rack.

Can Organizers

So you don’t have many wine bottles in your fridge, what you are a lover of La Croix. We can organize those too! We have two options for you, here and here, both highly rate on Amazon. Of course, these work for soda cans as well.

Leak-Proof Tupperware

As you’re organizing your fridge, plan for leftovers. We all have them and if you want to keep them fresh and keep your fridge clean, a good leak-proof Tupperware set is essential. This set has almost 9,000 reviews and a PERFECT 5 stars. That is unheard of.

Misc Organizer Bins

It is difficult to give a recommendation for an organization bin that will work for every person. In fact, bins might not even be necessary for your needs. But, if you want to really go that extra mile for perfect organization, start with a set of organization bins like this that offers different sizes and shapes.

Fruit and Veggie Drawer Liners

We see so many refrigerator organization tips that include buying new containers for your fruits and veggies. Not necessary. Most refrigerators have drawers built in for this exact purpose. And these drawer liners keep your fresh food fresher, longer.

Refrigerator Labels.

Do you know what takes your fridge from good to great? Labels. That’s what makes it look like you hired a professional to come in and organize your space. Amazon has some good label options (here), but we also love browsing Etsy for labels. Here are our favorites.