What do you think of when you hear the word “Vacation”? Do you see a hammock on the beach? A mountain getaway? Or do you see a mountain of work on your desk telling you to think twice.

You may think there’s too much work to be done to take a vacation, but in reality the mental, physical, and emotional refresh you get from taking a break will be more beneficial than if you were to smash all of your deadlines ahead of schedule and consistently burn yourself out. But of course, you want to set yourself up for success when heading out of the office for a while. So before you book that AirBnb, check out our tips for what you should do before taking your next vacation:

  1.  Anticipate work on the horizon: Cross off any regular to-do list items and get ahead of what you know will be due while you’re gone. You may think that leaving a pile of work on your desk is a problem for “future you” but pretty soon that will be just be you. Soon enough, you’ll look back wondering why you didn’t just take care of it in the moment. Be kind and set yourself up for success!
  2. Schedule with deadlines in mind: If possible, it’s best to schedule within timeframe that has a limited amount of major deadlines or projects. If you can avoid leaving immediately after a deadline, that will give you the necessary time to debrief before taking off. Similarly, there is nothing worse than coming back to work and going straight into overdrive to prepare something that is due the next day.
  3. Set up your email’s automatic reply: The easiest, and sometimes most helpful, way to set yourself up for vacation is by creating an automatic email reply. Include a short message about how long you’ll be gone, when to expect a reply, who to go to in your absence (like an assistant!), and a contact in case of emergencies. This will keep things going in your absence and won’t leave anyone guessing.
  4. Communicate! Be sure to let your clients or coworkers know that you’ll be out ahead of time, and give them an alternate contact for current projects. That way no one is left in the dark, and they won’t be trying to contact you while you’re out.
  5. Plan for your week back: Go ahead and set up a schedule for your first day/first week back in the office so you don’t feel overwhelmed or behind when you get back to your desk. If you already have a plan/to-do list in place, getting back into the groove will be much easier and won’t take as much time.
  6. Make a personal checklist: Work isn’t the only thing you’ll be coming back to, so make sure you get your home and personal life in order before you head out.
  7. Plan with your assistant! Leaving tasks and responsibilities behind is significantly less stressful if you know that you’re leaving them in the capable hands of your assistant who is able to keep everything moving and communicate in your stead. Don’t just take our word for it:

“My MOD Assistant covered my business for two weeks while I went on vacation. I hadn’t been able to go on a vacation for 14 years. It was wonderful to be able to know everything was taken care of.” —MOD Client

When planning a vacation, it’s important is that you are able to leave work behind and focus on yourself, while also setting yourself up for an easy return. You and your work will benefit in the long run once you feel happier, refreshed, and more creative! So try these tips, and contact us to learn how our team of qualified assistants can help you before you take your next vacation!