Did you know? Wednesday, April 27th is marked as Administrative Professionals Day? “The Official Recognition Day began in 1952 as National Secretaries Day and renamed to Administrative Professionals Day in 2000.”

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The influence and importance of admin professionals in the business world are understated. When you think about the biggest CEOs, VPs, and other C-Level executives in the world, you have to wonder how they can manage to be the best in their industry AND manage their personal life… The answer: Probably with a team of assistants, secretaries, personal trainers, and admin professionals!

Administrative professionals are responsible for making important purchasing decisions for their organizations – which on average are worth up to $20,000 a year.


6 Valuable Assets of Business Admins

People Skills:

More often than not, business admins act as the “gatekeeper” to the executive team, or CEO of the company. They have to be able to connect with various different personalities, team members, and departments.


Being able to execute tasks with little to no assistance is a major characteristic in business admins. Period.

Clear Communication:

Being able to be clear and concise while communicating what is happening, no matter the level of turmoil is another key characteristic that business admin professionals must obtain in order to complete the task or jobs assigned to them.

Superhuman Organizational Skills:

Managing calendars, emails, requests, projects, daily to-dos is just a tip of the iceberg of what is expected of business admin professionals in a single day. Managing the “one-off” tasks that come up throughout the day, while still taking care of routine tasks is one thing that makes admin professionals the best at what they do!

Ability to be Calm Under Pressure

All eyes are on the admin to fix a last minute error in a small window of time. Pivoting, when the going gets tough without showing stress or being negative is important skill!

Excellent Multi-Taskers

Out of all the valuable assets of business admins, being able to juggle every and any kind of task, event, phone call, email, or emergency is what makes the best assistant!