Learning how to work with a personal assistant can be a bit of a learning curve. If you go into the relationship with optimism and positivity, you will have a better ROI in the long run. Unlike hiring an employee at a large corporation, hiring a personal assistant is more personal. They won’t just be a person who clocks in and out from 9-5, they are somebody who can help with your life!

“This is a learning process for both of you. No one is going to immediately know what you need without trial and error. If you find someone you can trust, then you grow together.”

Source: https://corporette.com/use-personal-assistant/ 

How to Know What to Delegate to your Assistant?

When you first begin with your personal assistant, chances are the task list will end up being small. Just remember that those “smaller” tasks will build the foundation of your relationship with your assistant. Once you get to know your assistant better (I.e personality, sense of humor, communication style, etc.) , and vice versa, your days will be smoother and instead of having to ask your assistant to do something for you, they will just do it!

6 Tips for Hiring a Personal Assistant for the First Time

1. Set Priorities

Having clear priorities from Day 1, on both sides, will allow you to establish clear boundaries in your working relationship!

2. Don’t Procrastinate

As a personal assistant, you are self-employed, therefore keeping track of time and hours is imperative to getting paid, and retained! For the person who is hiring a personal assistant, procrastination can be bad as well in the terms of not supplying a task list to your assistant, or following up with them once they have completed tasks.

3. Stay Organized

This tip is KEY! Your first get-to-know-you call with your assistant should be about communication styles, exchanging passwords, figuring out timeframes, etc. Your assistant will need to keep track of all notes, and information in a central location that both parties can access and edit.

4. Ask For Input

Keeping the lines of communication open between you and your new assistant is important. They should be able to come to you with questions, and suggestions to improve ways of doing things. You should also be able to ask them how they would like to proceed as well!

5. Stay Informed

Monthly, weekly, and even daily communication with your assistant with create a healthy working relationship. Knowing what tasks your assistant is working on, instead of being in the dark, is what will set you up for success!

6. Be Honest!

Your assistant is there to make your life easier- not harder! If there is something that they are doing that is causing you more stress, be honest with them! Maybe you both are just not on the same page.