Life is busy and it’s often difficult to juggle everything. Sometimes, you might wish you had a personal assistant to help out with all the daily chores and tasks. Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone help you out a few hours per week with laundry, grocery shopping, meal prep, errands, and home organization? The good news is, with a personal assistant, you can! But are personal assistants expensive?

MOD Assistants has several different pricing options for personal assistant services to fit most budgets and needs.

Recurring Personal Assistant Services

For a minimum of two hours per week, our personal assistant services are only $30 per hour. So, for as little as $60 per week, you can regain two hours of your time and have several items checked off your list as well! What can a personal assistant do in two hours? Here are some examples:

  • 2 – 3 loads of laundry (plus other tasks while the laundry is getting cleaned or dried)
  • Weekly meal planning and prep
  • Grocery shopping

Project-Based Personal Assistant

MOD’s project plan offers personal assistant services at $35 per hour with no weekly minimum and no commitment. This is ideal if you have a particular project or if you’re feeling overwhelmed and have a long task list. Here are some ways in which a personal assistant can benefit you.

  • Home organization
  • Travel planning
  • Moving and relocation prep
  • Errands

Last Minute Personal Assistant

Ever find yourself overcommitted and wishing there were more hours in the day? Or maybe you have a last-minute project that needs attention. MOD offers last-minute (48 hours or less) personal assistant services. So if you wake up one morning and realize you’re to-do list is just too overwhelming, no need to worry. For only $40 per hour, MOD Assistants has you covered.

The most cost-effective and popular route is our Recurring Personal Assistant services. For as little as $60 per week, you’ll have annoying tasks checked off your to-do list and more time to do the things you actually enjoy.

We understand that a weekly commitment might not be necessary or in the budget, so for just $5 more per hour, our Project Personal Assistant service is an excellent choice for as-needed, occasional help. And if you ever decide that weekly personal assistance is needed, it’s easy to make the switch!

Hopefully, last-minute stuff doesn’t happen often. But if it does, we’re here to help!

Based on our research, personal assistants cost anywhere from $12 – $40 per hour.  A lot of companies charge expensive monthly packages. What sets MOD Assistants apart, is we offer fractional personal assistant services. This means that we provide a lot of flexibility and you’re not required to meet a high minimum number of hours. At MOD, we charge our clients by the hour, for work completed. Our assistants record their time down to the 5-minute mark and our clients are charged weekly for the projects completed.

If you live in the Denver, Dallas, or Pittsburgh metro areas and are in need of a personal assistant, reach out – we’d love to talk with you!