How To: Understanding Yoga
November 11, 2015

If you’ve been reading along with us these past few months, you know that we’ve written about meditation at work, lessening your stress and a whole host of other things to improve your routine, day and week. You know that we’re always…

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Achieving Greatness for Yourself!
November 3, 2015

No one is good at everything; no one. But, most everyone is good at something. Most everyone is also not-so-good at something. As human beings though, this is natural. We may be able to have it all, just not all at once….

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Why Travel?
October 12, 2015

We all know that traveling is an expensive hobby to keep. Take into account airfare, food and accommodation and you’ve pretty much hit the debt tri-fecta. While this may be true, there are always ways to travel smart and on a budget,…

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How To: Live Clutter Free
September 23, 2015

Keeping clutter free is hard. Whether it’s at home, in the office or in the car, keeping organized can be a challenge. We’ve all seen those DIY and IKEA organizing tricks that unfortunately never seem to turn out quite how we would…

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Champagne Anytime of Year
September 16, 2015

Champagne doesn’t have to be a “New Year only” beverage, we swear. While Champagne has certainly earned its “celebratory” connotation; it can be enjoyed just like your evening glass of beer or wine. All you’ve got to do is relinquish the associations…

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Crostini Time!
September 9, 2015

Last week we spoke about hosting your very own wine or beer pairing. As your last summer hoorah, we hope the tips and tricks we gave you were helpful and inspiring! We realize though, that one thing was missing…FOOD or, alternative food…

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Let’s Throw a Pairing Party!
September 2, 2015

As summer comes to an end we think about those last few events, parties and concerts we want to attend as those warm nights and sunny days drift away. We may also think about hosting one last summer hoorah, ourselves. Luckily though,…

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The Art of Feng Shui
August 26, 2015

Picture this: you come home from a long day at the office, you sit in the living room, pop in a movie or pick up a book and a glass of wine and work towards relaxation. Unfortunately, something is missing and you…

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Too Much Screen Time?
August 19, 2015

Been to a bar recently? On a train? To a sporting event? On a date? What are the people around you doing? Are they speaking and engaging with one another? Do they seem aware and present in the moment or perhaps, stuck…

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Positive Action: Using Your Body to Help You Feel Better
August 13, 2015

Everyone loves an inspirational TED Talk. It is sort of amazing how strangers and their ideas can make us feel empowered, changed or moved in some way or another. While there are thousands and thousands of TED Talks out there, we always…

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