Its that time of year again, which means we’re back with our picks for Back-to-School must haves! We know everyone has a never ending school supply list, but we’ve highlighted some of our favorite products for kids from Kindergarten to High School. And, if you stick around ‘til the end, we’ve got an extra surprise to make adding them to your shopping list a breeze.

First (and Last) Day of School Boards

What is more fun than bookmarking the school year with your kids holding a cute and customizable board? There are so many styles to choose from based on your kid’s personal style. For a simple look try this Felt Letter Board, or for something with a little more customizable try this Chalk Board Sign.

New Backpack

If you’re in the market for a new backpack we’ve got two picks that are durable, practical, and not to mention stylish. You can never go wrong with the Original L.L. Bean backpack (especially if you customize it!) and we love the design and simplicity of Burton’s Hiker backpack that doubles as a school bag and outdoor pack.

Student Planners

It is so important for middle and high schoolers to stay organized, but it can be a learning curve. These planners make organization easy, fun, and so satisying! If you prefer a physical planner try the Papier Academic Diary, or for anyone who prefers a tablet, we highly reccommend Flourish Planner’s Academic Digital Planner.

Labels for Clothes and Personal Belongings

How many times have your kids misplaced the new items you’ve gotten them right after they get back to school? Get ahead of it by putting a label on their new items so they always find their way out of the lost and found and back to your home. If you want to keep it SUPER simple, get yourself a label maker that can be used all around the house as well.


For your kids who need headphones but are too young for ear buds, we recommend the Puro Basic headphones for kids. They keep your kids’ eardrums safe by limiting harmful volumes over 85 decibals. Plus they come in fun, vibrant colors that your kids will love!


We’re still recommending the Bentgo lunchbox (second year in a row) because it is so easy and convenient, but for a more stylish and inconspicuous lunch-bag, try the Calpack Insulated Lunch Bag. It fits enough for a long day of snacks and meals, plus it comes in a lot of cool patterns and colors.

Hand Sanitizer

Because staying healthy is always tricky at the start of the school year, be sure to stock up on these small, hydrating hand sanitizers. They come in several scents and are so convenient for on-the-go hand sanitizing.

You made it! As promised, we want to give you a downloadable checklist (with shopping links) to make back to school a little easier. And we still stand behind all the back to school suggestions we had for last year’s post.

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