Pantry organization is all the rage these days. Is it the COVID lockdown? Is it the popularity of the Neat Method series on Netflix? We may never know, but we are here for it. We love organization (duh, we are personal assistants) and we love all the interest we are hearing from our clients for help with their pantry organization. If you don’t have a MOD personal assistant available to organize for you, we’ve pulled together our favorite suggestions and products for some DIY pantry org, should you be up for the challenge.

Food Storage Containers

If we could pick one item that is a must have for pantry organization, it would be food storage containers. There are a TON of options these days, all with varying looks, features and price points. And they are so versatile in their use. Flour, Sugar, rice, pasta, beans, nuts, cereal, candy, snacks – you name it, these containers will help. Along with their function, they are pleasing to the eye. Looking into your pantry and seeing the same containers nicely organized versus bags of different sizes and colors just makes a girl or guy happy. Trust us. Here are our favorites: One, Two, Three, Four.

Storage Baskets

There is a movement right now to use all clear bins and/or open baskets for pantry food storage. We do not agree. We prefer to mix solid baskets along with a few clear organization bins. Why? A completely clear, shall we say open shelving, look can actually achieve the opposite of what you are looking for.  Depending on the size of your space we have a few options for you. These come in several colors with two size options. These are a great, light weight, affordable option. This line from Amazon is great quality with different size and style options.

Clear Storage Bins

There are certain instances when clear, open bins are ideal. For example, food items that are tall. Many storage baskets do not have high enough sides to contain tall food items. These are great for that instant. We love these for light weight items like chips and snacks and the front handle makes them very easy to grab. And these are perfect for small items and can be stacked.

Lazy Susan

These are life changing when it comes to organizing bottles. Think: oils, vinegars, non-refrigerated sauces and spices. Those bottles never fit on your pantry racks the way you want them to and when they are stacked from front to back you can never find the one you want. And so let us introduce you to your new best friend, the lazy susan. Option One. Option Two. Option Three.

Can Racks

If you have a lot of canned food or soda cans in your home, you have probably seen these before and wondered if they are worth it. They are. Most options on the market are similar so here is one for canned food and one for soda cans.


For $10-$15 you can take your organization up to the next level with something as simple as labels. In the end, they help the function of your pantry but really we all just like to see beautifully labeled organization. There are a TON of options, depending on your aesthetic goals. Here are a few of our favorites: One, Two, Three, Four.

Now off you go! Enjoy, good luck, we are sending all the good organization vibes your way as you embark on this journey. And should you need assistance, you know where to find us 😉