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How to Preserve and Organize Your Memories
January 26, 2023

It’s that time of year where we start to Marie Kondo every area of our lives—closets, kitchens, attics. But the one that consistently gets overlooked (or that we swear we’ll get to next time) is that collection of loose pictures that continues…

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Practical Last Minute Gift Ideas
December 14, 2022

Its that time of year when finally get a chance to catch your breath, look around, realize that Christmas is only ✨one week✨ away, and you haven’t purchased or wrapped a single gift. And while we always support shopping locally, we know…

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October 28, 2022

Think that Hashtags have become irrelevant in 2022? Think again! Here’s why hashtags might be more important than ever for social media exposure and how to use the algorithm to your advantage: Since hashtags were officially adopted by Twitter in 2009, they…

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8 Steps to a Meaningful Morning Routine
October 21, 2022

It may be cliche to say that starting your morning off right will set you up for a successful day, but its only cliche because it’s true! Imagine, if you will, your ideal morning—you get up with (or before!) your first alarm,…

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Our Pick: Colorado Childcare Services
October 14, 2022

They say when you expand your family, “love doesn’t divide it multiples.” Unfortunately, so do your responsibilities. It can be difficult asking for help at home, especially when you don’t know where to start. That’s where this week’s Partner comes in! For…

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Note Taking Pros and Cons: Digital or Physical Notes
September 1, 2022

With the variety of options for note taking, it can be difficult to decide which is best for you. While no one option is better than another, they all have pros and cons that depend on your personal preferences and needs. What…

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Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day
August 26, 2022

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day! It’s the day we celebrate the certification of the 19th amendment and the incredible advancements that women have made since then and throughout all of time. We are proud to say that MOD is women owned…

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Top 10 Tasks to Give Your Virtual Assistant
August 19, 2022

We’re heading into a big seasonal shift (cue football games, apple picking, and sweater weather!)—one that comes with full schedules, shorter days, and lots to celebrate in a relatively short period of time. Before you’re buried by all of your obligations and…

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Back-To-School Must Haves (with clickable download!)
August 4, 2022

Its that time of year again, which means we’re back with our picks for Back-to-School must haves! We know everyone has a never ending school supply list, but we’ve highlighted some of our favorite products for kids from Kindergarten to High School….

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Our Pick: The Best Social Media Scheduler
July 29, 2022

Does you use social media for your small business? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount you have to post throughout the week to maintain your follower interaction? Have you ever accidentally forgotten to post? Do you get tired of…

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