At MOD Assistants our goal is to give our clients back the time they need to appreciate all aspects of life — traveling, exploring the outdoors, spending quality time with family, appreciating the arts and taking time to relax. Delegating the everyday tasks to us, will allow you #moretimetolive.


The key to this perfect balance is delegation. Easier said then done, right? Reasons we all struggle with delegation:

  • We like control
  • We base our worth on results of a specific task
  • We haven’t seen it done successfully, and therefore
  • We think we can do it better than anyone else
  • We have no system in place to engage in delegation

Part of being a leader, whether in business or at home, is letting go of these fears and the reluctance to delegate. At MOD we encourage our clients to identify and hand-off the tasks that are not the best use of their time. Delegation is a challenging task. Especially if you are new to having an assistant. But the more you hold on to our responsibilities, the less time you have to spend on things you love. Would you rather be doing laundry or spending time your children? Yeah, we thought so.


Allow MOD to assist you in getting started with delegation. Our assistants are trained to work with all types of personalities to rein in the most productive methods of each person. We are ready to coach and here to provide balance to our clients.

Step 1: Identify what your time is worth. If you work for a company or have your own business; this is easy. Take your total pay for the year and divide it by 2,080 (number of average working hours in a year). This is how much you make per hour. If you are at home or in a care-taking position, calculate what it would cost to hire someone full-time to take your place.

Step 2: List all of your roles and responsibilities. This part is daunting. Take out a legal pad (or iPad) and list all of the tasks you are responsible for on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You may need to keep this list out and open for a few days to add to gradually; we often forget how much we actually do on a daily basis.

Step 3: Rank the importance of each role. Rank each responsibility based on it’s importance and difficulty. Many responsibilities will need to remain on your plate, but you will also find a good deal of tasks that could easily be handed off to someone else.

Step 4: Delegate, automate, eliminate. For each of the less important roles in step three – make a plan to either delegate it, automate it, or eliminate it.

Step 5: Work your plan. Take one role from step four and get it off your plate. Start with either the easiest task to teach or the one that drains the most energy (i.e. grocery shopping or data entry).

Step 6: Check in and repeat. After a week, check back in on your assistant and the task. Although no one will ever do a task 100% to your liking, keep in mind it is better to have the task completed and off your plate. Refer back to your list and delegate a new task. Repeat again and again until you and your assistant are comfortable in your daily task routines.


Wondering where to start? Here are some common areas where our current clients have allowed MOD to step in and take control.  BUSINESS: Office maintenance, receptionist duties, calendar management, travel planning, vendor research, errands, social media marketing.  PERSONAL: Shopping, laundry and dry cleaning, pet care, car maintenance, household errands, home organization, family calendar management. VIRTUAL: administrative tasks, data entry, virtual receptionist duties, digital marketing, travel planning and coordination.