A virtual assistant is contracted to help with personal and/or business projects, daily to-do’s or to complete a specified list of tasks from a remote location.  As professional genies; achieving small goals online, over the phone or through data creation; virtual assistants strive to assist in freeing their clients’ time and allowing them to achieve larger goals.


Adding an assistant to your life to help handle your responsibilities is the greatest asset you can offer yourself. You will be amazed to see how overall productivity in your life and your business increases when the time consuming, daily demands of life are taken off your plate. Virtual assistants are a small investment with the potential for big returns.

        • Flexible terms. Whether you are interested in adding a VA for the long term or simply need assistance for an overwhelming, upcoming project – you set the schedule.
        • Pay for work completed. Productivity is based on a flat rate. You set the hours and confirm each week how many you’ll need for the VA to complete tasks. 
        • Low $ cost for value offered. With little training invested, an extra hand can jump on board to tackle your tasks within days. If you a busy business executive, investing in freeing your time is cheaper than doing it yourself.


MOD Assistants has a fantastic group of diverse and experienced assistants ready to fit your needs. We’ve come to recognize that the most important part of starting you off on the right foot, is finding the right fit.

As a client of MOD, we pride ourselves in finding a great match for each and every client based on the tasks at hand. That being said, you know your personality best. We always recommend that new client’s speak with an assistant (or two) before beginning work to ensure a good personality fit. Think of the people you’ve worked with over the years. Of those you remember fondly, what qualities made them a great team member? Do you want someone who communicates a lot? Someone that makes obvious decisions without your input? Be thoughtful of your own personality as well when answering these question. 


Your virtual assistant can work with you to build solid systems that will achieve change. Imagine what you could accomplish with a few more free hours each week. A virtual assistant can change your life, if you use them to your advantage. If you are striving in business, a VA is valuable to productivity to take your career to incredible new places.   

Using the power of leverage will set you free. Set out a flexible to-do list for your virtual assistant to handle. Anything that doesn’t require them to be physically in your office or home is well within their job description. Returning calls, setting appointments, schedule management, basic bookkeeping, scanning and cataloguing paperwork, data entry, social media management, and more can be taken off your to-do list.


Most important to keep in mind is that success will not happen over night. Like any employee, it will take time for your VA to get used to working with you, learn the specifics of your business, and find a schedule that works for both of you. Be patient and expect some growing pains. Within days you will find your schedule slowly becoming more open as you are able to delegate more and more to the assistant.Treat a virtual assistant as you would yourself. Set flexible goals, reflect on achievement and keep plowing forward. Learn more about Virtual Assistant Services.