October is here and so are dropping temperatures! Nothing feels better than crisp fall mornings and those first sips of pumpkin spiced everything. But before we all get too carried away with fall-themed fun, its important to take care of some necessary home maintenance to ensure you are well prepared for the winter weather ahead. It may feel tedious and annoying, but with cold weather rapidly approaching its always better to be safe, prepared, and even a little cozy.

Start from the Outside In:

Clean your gutters: Make sure to remove all the built up leaves and debris that have accumulated throughout the year as well as checking for any structural damage.

Weatherize your pipes: If you live in a place that sees freezing temperatures it is incredibly important that you freeze-proof your irrigation system to prevent any broken or burst pipes.

Landscaping: Rake up dead leaves, trim any plants or bushes, aerate/fertilize your lawn, plant bulbs, and bring in any flowers that may die.

In the Home:

Get your HVAC checked: Schedule your semi-annual HVAC maintenance to clean and check your entire heating system. This will ensure that everything is working properly and as efficiently as possible. Its also a good idea to stock up on new air filters!

Clean/have your fireplace inspected: Before you light that fire and get cozy with a good book, be sure its safe! Bring in a professional to inspect and clean your chimney, or at least burn creosote cleaning logs throughout the season to keep things clean and safe.

Prepare for the worst: While over-preparing never hurt anyone, getting caught off guard by winter storms certainly has. Take the time now to stock up on water, non-perishables, firewood, lights/candles, and all necessary emergency supplies.

Don’t Forget to Have Some Fun:

Put up fall/halloween decor: Home maintenance doesn’t have to be all work and no play—spend some of your maintenance time pulling out the pumpkins and putting up your seasonal decorations!

Refresh your home’s scent: Grab some new fall scented candles or make a simmer pot full of fall ingredients to fill your house with delicious and warm smells.

Buy some new winter clothing: Its always important to stay warm (and stylish 🙂 ) so treat yourself to some new cold-weather clothes that you can layer as the temperatures drop. This is also a great time to go through your closet and donate warm clothes to your local shelter.

Are you looking at this list and feeling overwhelmed? We don’t blame you. Keeping up with household management is lot! Lucky for you, we have personal assistants on staff that would gladly check through this list for you. Contact us to get started on your list today!