Wondering what makes a MOD Personal or Business Assistant different? We all share a few certain qualities that make our business and your life run smoothly:


Resourcefulness is truly the key to being a good personal assistant. Whether we are dog walking, document sorting, or closet coordinating, issues will always arise that we did not anticipate. Being ready to take on these moments of ‘what do we do now!?’ and turn the into a problem solved is what makes your MOD assistant the superhero of the day.


From managing a large corporation to managing a household, details matter. A great assistant is always asking herself or himself if all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed to make every task go smoother and easier. Even better, MOD assistants try to avoid life’s little dramas by catching mistakes before they happen and having all the bases covered.


Every task these days seems to involve five things going on at once. In a fast-paced world, it’s especially important for personal assistants to be able to handle multiple tasks and challenges at once.


There will be moments when a personal assistant’s role stretches beyond what is expected—suddenly a client gets coffee on her top and needs a bleach pen, or realizes his phone is dying and is searching for the ever-elusive charger. Keeping these random items on hand to make the day go smoothly is a great assistant’s secret weapon.


No matter what the job may be, there will be moments where it feels like nothing is going right. We all have those days. Instead of getting frustrated, these moments are an assistant’s time to shine. Staying positive and focused among the chaos is truly the most important quality an assistant can have and what makes MOD stand out among the rest.

It takes a certain personality and a few key qualities to make a great assistant. We hope these five must-have qualities of a personal assistant shine though with the work we do for our clients. Learn more about our personal assistant and business assistant services.