Thanks to growing speed of technology, email has become one of the main sources of communication in the business world. Managing paperwork, taking calls and sitting in on meetings are basic duties of today’s work day.  Networking successfully now demands maintaining a social media presence and faster communication with your network. These social channels have become the pulse of livelihood in the work force.

Take a minute and stop responding to email or close your Linked In, Facebook or Twitter pages. Take a breath and think about how much of your energy goes into communication. Consider how much of your workload involves reviewing your social media pages, incoming email messaging, and replying to calendar requests.  What else could you do with this time if you had someone manage this for you? How could you grow personal business relationships with those in your circle instead of managing virtual ones?


Depending your email workload, an assistant could be a meaningful asset to you. Hiring someone for two to six hours a week could relive a chunk of management duties off your plate. For consideration, if you need to carry continual dialogue on social media or you have a major project that includes forwarding emails or delegating duties to staff members, having a communication manager to oversee this dialogue can allow you to maintain goals.


Setting up passwords, creating a tone, trusting the ability to maintain relationships and time management of responses are all worries most people face when handing over the reins of their email.  However, its easier than it seems. Setting up a few guidelines and voicing to your network that you have a friendly assistant to communicate with them will ease the transition.


  • Check in: Send an email update each morning with daily itinerary and any questions to maintain management of your agenda and network communication
  • Timing: Schedule daily times to check email to ensure responses are maintained in a timely manner
  • Handling partial communication: Take the lead on emails you prefer to answer and forward the rest to your assistant
  • Flags; Have your assistant flag or file all emails to keep all communication on file
  • Forwarding: Introduce your assistant by cc’ing them in on your initial response and let them take the conversation from there
  • Filter-proofing: Use your assistant as a safety net for all spam, unread emails and promotional materials. Have them review and file or delete on a certain schedule.


Controlling the urge to reply. Making the mental shift away from thinking this is yours and yours alone to manage. Email is an enormous part of your day that you are now capable to take that time back and refocus it into another area of work. Getting assistance with email management will allow you to stay on top of email and you’ll find it will allow you to stay on top of your job.


By forwarding off your emails or assigning management controls of your social platforms can be a call away. MOD Assistants is here to open your world up to the possibility other things than corresponding. From the social demands of virtual communication, asking an assistant to handle scheduling, responding and organizing may get your day on track quicker than ordering a cup of coffee and relieve the correspondence burdens that may funnel into your pipeline every day.

– this post was written by MOD Assistant, Lauren Just