Halloween is officially out the door and we’re welcoming the Holiday season with open arms…and a full to-do list. For most people, this time of year is already busy enough with deadlines, events, and family vacations—how does anyone fit in time for holiday fun when it takes so much work?! Well, that’s where we come in! MOD has got you covered for all of your holiday assistance needs, whether they’re in person or virtual. This week, we’re covering a few tasks that our highly qualified team of Personal Assistants can are ready to tackle!

Gift Shopping

No more searching for parking, waiting in long lines, and stressing over getting to the mall before it closes on your way home from work. Let us handle your gift list! We’ll grab everything you need to make this year magical. From stocking stuffers to a Nespresso, we’ll check everything off!

Gift Wrapping and Shipping

We won’t stop there—once we grab everything you need, leave it to us to get it wrapped, labeled, and snuggled safely under your tree. Or, we’ll play Santa and have it shipped to your friends and family.


Imagine coming home from a long day at work to a fully-decorated holiday dream. We can do that! We can also help spruce things up before your holiday party by hanging more decorations, setting the table, or grabbing a new strand of Christmas lights.

Grocery Shopping/Meal Planning

Are you prepared for your holiday feasts? Whether you need us to help plan a meal, gather everything you need to make it, or help prepping—you can count on us to fill your plate.


Let’s face it—not every present works out, and we can help with that! Whether it’s something you’ve received or something you’ve had second thoughts about gifting, we’ve got your returns covered.

Remember: You’re making the list, we’re checking it twice! And we can’t wait to assist you in all of your holiday needs. So get in touch and let us know how we can help you make your holiday season ✨bright✨ and stress free.