The increasing need and desire for remote jobs has brought many people out of the office and back into their homes. While many people may have already had a home office, it’s unlikely it was set up or organized in a way that supports a full day of uninterrupted work. More often than we’d all like, home offices can easily become a dumping ground or catch all for miscellaneous documents, computer gear, and books we don’t know where to store. Before you know it, you can’t even see the surface of your desk under all the clutter—and how are you supposed to do your best work in a space like that? Fortunately, we’ve gathered our favorite home office organization hacks to help you maintain a peaceful and functional space!

For your never-ending stack of papers:

  • Toss it: Lets face it, some papers are just taking up space. Prioritize the paperwork you actually need to keep, and toss the rest.
  • Go paperless: Just about every company nowadays gives an option for paperless billing. Save the trees and your sanity by opting out of paper mail.
  • Scan it: For those papers you really need to hang onto but there just isn’t space, scan them and keep a digital copy. You can kick it old school with a printer/scanner or try an app like TinyScanner or the scan feature in the Apple Notes App.
  • File it: Keep important papers in a color-coded storage space. Whether that’s a filing cabinet, binder, or folder, create your own color system and file away!

Shelves are your friends:

  • Use the vertical space you have! We love this hanging organizer/calendar.
  • Labeled bins are a great way to get the most out of the space you have and still stay organized.
  • Hang floating shelves for books, plants, and decorations.
  • Organize your books: Try organizing by genre, spine color, or if you really want a challenge, alphabetically!

Simplify your desk space:

  • Only put things on your desktop that you need handy—the less cluttered your space is the easier it will be to focus.
  • Use a desktop organizer for pencils, paper, and other small items you need within an arms reach—keep everything else in nearby drawers or on shelves.
  • Avoid lamps that sit directly on your desk. Instead try a floor lamp or one that sits on another surface nearby.

Be smart with the space you have:

  • If you don’t have a view, make one! Creating a space that is beautiful and inspires you to work your best goes a long way. Have pictures from your favorite place on earth? Blow it up and hang it on your wall, or surround yourself with items that remind you of being there.
  • Don’t be afraid to tie your office together with your favorite colors, textures, and designs. Its all about making a space that keeps you motivated and comfortable. Curtains, pillows, and area rugs are great for this.

Remember, its your space, and what matters is what works for and motivates YOU! Not everyone benefits from the same kind of office, so take advantage of the freedom that comes with a home office by organizing your ideal work environment. Whether you love clean white walls and tons of natural light or walls filled to the brim with art and lamps galore—the most important thing is that you’ve created a cohesive space thats easy for you to use.