There’s a reason why so many businesses are increasing social media marketing efforts: it’s the number one way to reach your customers in today’s ever-changing world. Did you know that 55% of consumers first discover new businesses on social media? Seems like something worth investing in! If you’re still not convinced, we’ve got the full rundown for you below (plus a whole team of highly qualified marketing assistants to pair you with!).

Why Hire a Marketing Assistant?

Spreading your message across social media platforms not only builds brand awareness but can provide viable leads for your business. But developing and posting unique, creative and successful social media campaigns – that takes time. Time you do not have. Instead of spending hours you don’t have on creating a social media campaign or not giving it the time it needs in order to benefit your company, hire an experienced marketing assistant to manage it for you.

How Can They Help?

  • Planning, creating, and scheduling posts across multiple accounts: It’s important to reach your audience where they are, and thats likely in more than one place. Not only is content creation a major task, but so is juggling each account and the content catered specifically for them. A marketing assistant will cater your posts to each platform for maximum interaction and expertly keep up with your post schedule, peak posting times, and will weave your brand identify through it all.
  • Interacting with consumers and other business accounts: You’ve have people interested in your posts? That’s great! But somehow that’s become the easy part. The next and most important step is to keep them interested by keeping the conversation open and replying to comments and DM’s in a timely manner. It also means you need to be consistently on the lookout for accounts with the kind of audience you’re hoping to acquire. An assistant will stay on top of all interaction while curating relationships with similar accounts. They’ll make it clear to those followers that you’re what they’ve been searching for this whole time.
  • Researching trends: Do you know what reel sounds are trending? Or the best hashtags to boost your posts right now? The memes that everyone is sharing? Articles that are boosting comment interaction? Trends on social platforms are ever-evolving! It’s important to stay in the conversation and know what’s popular in your section of the internet. Having an assistant stay on top of these will save you hours of necessary scrolling and investigating. It’ll also allow you to continue sharing information about your business in new, fresh, and inviting ways. You may need to say the same thing a few different ways to attract the kind of following you want!
  • Growing your presence and following: Of course, the most important aspect of social media management is attracting new followers and keeping them interested in your content. The more people you have discovering your service, the more people you’ll have using your service. But growing your following takes time and strategy—an assistant will keep up with analytics and account interaction to be sure your campaigns are working and you’re moving forward.

Why Not Do it Yourself?

As a small business owner or entrepreneur you know how essential marketing is to growing and maintaining a business. You may also be aware of how much time and effort it takes to plan and execute a creative, successful marketing campaign. Social media management is no longer a side-task—its a major project that requires time and attention. Hiring a marketing assistant assures you’ll have that time to work on the core needs of your business.

How Can You Hire a Marketing Assistant?

Choose the package that’s right for you based on the amount of work you need: Just dipping your toes into the digital marketing world? Need the basics for a successful marketing campaign? A little bit of everything – content, campaigns & ads? Or a full digital marketing campaign? We have an option for every need!

Our marketing assistants are required to have 4+ years of experience in multi-platform content creation along with a Bachelors Degree in related field OR 8+ years of experience without a related degree, along with advanced knowledge of the common social media platforms. So trust us, if you’re looking for ways to boost your following and engagement without falling behind on other aspects of running your business, let’s get started!