Keeping clutter free is hard. Whether it’s at home, in the office or in the car, keeping organized can be a challenge. We’ve all seen those DIY and IKEA organizing tricks that unfortunately never seem to turn out quite how we would have liked. That’s okay though, because there are a few tips (that we’ll share with you here) that are easy and virtually fail-proof. Knowing that it’s not enough to have just one organized space, we’ve given you tips for each and every space in your place(s).


You know that gigantic stack of board games in the hall closet? Try one of those hanging closet organizers. The dividers work perfectly for organizing your boxed board games.

As cliché as this may sound, a dry-erase board calendar/bulletin board is always a good idea. Most people are turning toward a home “command center” which utilizes both of these things. This command center is centrally located, perhaps the kitchen or front entry way and includes a hook for keys, a magazine organizer, calendar and bulletin board. When everything is centrally located, it’s much easier to manage. Here are a couple examples we really liked from TheHappyHousie:

It’s no surprise that containers, boxes, crates and hooks help with organization. Knowing that, we recommend utilizing a magazine holder as your go–to organizational tool. Not only can they be used on the counter, under the sink, or attached to the wall or cabinet door; they’re also very easy to decorate and customize. Use one in the kitchen to hold your thin square boxes of aluminum foil, saran wrap, etc. Use one in the bathroom to hold your curling iron, flat iron or brush. Just about anything is easily stored and organized in a sturdy magazine holder.


Nothing creates more clutter in the office than loose papers. They leave you with less desk space and often get lost, mis-filed or tossed. Therefore, every office should be equipped with a wall pocket organizer. Wall pocket organizers are great for keeping things off your desk and also, being a bit stylish. Wall pocket organizers come in just about every material and are easily customizable.

Color coding is by far the most under-rated organizational system. Depending upon your type of work, color coding may be a life saver. Color coding your calendar events makes them easily recognizable. Color coding your files and binders keep them categorized and organized.

While those office organizers for pens and pencils are great. They still seem to leave paper clips, tacks, sticky notes and other smaller items rolling around in or on your desk. Just Be recommends a magnetic board with tins to keep your smaller items organized. Again, it certainly is nice for organization but also looks neat and stylish too.


Did you know they make trash bags for your car? They do. Use them! This not only keeps you from putting your trash in your side door pocket, it also reminds you to empty it every now and then.

IKEA makes these lovely remote control holders. They’ve got tiny pockets to hold things in your car like bags, chargers, hand sanitizer and more. If you throw one over the back seat, you’ll have an easy way to keep things accessible while driving.

As we mentioned in the home section, boxes, crates and organizers help mediate any messy situation. So, just like in the home, we recommend getting a trunk organizer for your car. Most people try to carry jumper cables, washer fluid, a first aid kit and a few other things in their car in case of emergency. Most people also just throw these things into their trunk without organizing them first. While this is fine, it doesn’t help during an emergency or crisis situation on the road. So, we recommend buying a trunk organizer or making one yourself. As long as it’s got compartments, pockets and is sturdy—it’ll work. If you’d like to buy one, you can get them at Target, Walmart and even Bed Bath and Beyond.


Packing your bag for a long trip is tough. You wonder what to wear, and how to keep organized. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Closet and Stylebook are just two of the many apps out there that help you organize and plan your clothing options. It allows you to take actual pictures of all your clothes, upload them and begin virtual pairing. There are calendar options and style tips, too. While the app can’t necessarily help you organize your bag, it can certainly help you figure out what to put in it and that’s just as helpful. If you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry, Stylicious is your Closet or Stylebook equivalent.

If you are looking to organize your bag though, packing cubes are always a good method. Packing cubes keep things separate and also flatten out your bag so you can fit more in!

To keep your shoes from getting dirt all over and to keep from spending lots on shoe bags, just use shower caps. The elasticity keeps the shoes enclosed and are also more cost effective.

Happy organizing!