At Just Be we understand that your mornings are busy. It can be hard to start the day off right when you’ve under- slept (or even overslept), the dogs need walking, breakfast needs making, and no matter how early you leave, a half hour of morning traffic awaits you. While Just Be certainly understands the stress of busy mornings, we think it’s important to set yourself up for positivity and success each morning. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things you can do to improve your mood and your morning each and every day. As an added bonus, we’ve also shared with you our favorite recipe for coffee on the go. We hope these tips and tricks not only improve your morning routine but allow you to do what you do best while Just Be handles the rest!

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

This is an idea as old as time, and for good reason, too! An apple a day does actually keep the doctor away! Eating an ACTUAL breakfast consisting of actual food within two or three different food groups not only gets you going faster, it keeps you going longer. Coffee is a great pick me up, but a good breakfast with a healthy fat, a grain and a veggie or fruit will keep you energized and prevent that dreaded “hangry” feeling. Just Be recommends Greek yogurt, peanut butter, chia seeds and your favorite fruit. Mixing Greek yogurt and peanut butter together creates a rich and creamy concoction perfect for on the go eating, and is easily paired with your favorite breakfast add-ons: grain, seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies, etc.

Prepare the Night Before

Depending on your type of work, attire is an important factor to consider before heading out for the day. Business people, retail associates, event planners and various other professionals require professional, if not specific wardrobes. So then, it might save time and stress, to plan things like this in advance. Take some time the night before to look into the weather for the next day, choose your attire and lay it out for yourself. That time you might usually spend unwinding with the television or reading a book could be spent preparing for the next day, which of course, saves you time and stress each and every morning. This idea can be applied to most morning rituals: making lunch, preparing your schedule or putting your gym bag together.


Hydration works the same way a good breakfast does. It keeps you energized, healthy and alert. Your body wakes dehydrated. After all, you just spent 7 to 10 hours in a semi-conscious stupor, not drinking anything. Hydrating not only provides you with energy, it also keeps you full longer and helps to flush out toxins first thing in the morning. While many people enjoy the caffeine kick a good coffee gives you, the subtle nudge tea gives you is just as helpful! So, whether it’s coffee followed by water, or a hot cup of water and lemon followed by a protein shake, hydration is good for energy and usually, it tastes good too!

Knowing that coffee is most people’s morning pick me up, we’re going to share one of our favorite sweet iced coffee recipes with you here!

You’ll Need:

  • Your favorite brand of ground coffee
  • A coffee pot
  • One small can of Eagle Brand (Borden) sweetened condensed milk
  • A large glass jug with cap (large enough to hold 8 to 12 cups with room for ice)
  • Ice
  • Optional: coffee flavoring or syrup – (this can be found at just about any grocery store, in the coffee aisle)


Begin by putting on a very large pot (8 to 12 “cups” worth) of your favorite coffee. Obviously, add more scoops of grounds for stronger coffee and fewer scoops for milder coffee. Set the coffee pot aside to cool. Once you’ve finished with that, add ice, condensed milk and syrup to your glass jug. This keeps the contents from flowing directly to the bottom of the jug, where they’ll be harder to combine. Once the coffee has cooled, pour its contents into the glass jug and shake to stir. Leave the jug to cool before putting it into the fridge for storage and easy access each and every morning!

Notes: This recipe is great for folks who like sweeter and iced coffee. To adjust the sweetness, keep in mind how much or how little of the condensed milk you’re adding. Like it super sweet? Add the whole can plus syrup. Like it mildly sweet? Save half the can for another batch and 86 the syrup.

You may have to add ice cubes to your morning cup to keep it cool. But otherwise, this super customizable recipe is both tasty and lasts about a week and half for someone who drinks about a cup a day or less.

Listen to Music

It’s no surprise that music can affect our mood and our energy level. Why else would people exercise to it?? Mellow music makes us sleepy while upbeat music wakes us up. That’s why listening to upbeat music in the morning is one of the easiest and sure fire ways to boost your mood and your morning in a positive way. So put on your favorite jams and have an awesome day!

Think Positive

As cheesy as this sounds, thinking positively, setting a daily mantra and consciously choosing to have a good day can go a long way. Just as we’ve heard before, we are what we think. If we think positively, then we have the ability to BE positive and when things get hectic, stressful and challenging, positivity is the best method for success.