The holidays are meant to be a magical time – a time to give thanks, and spend time with the ones we love – but unfortunately they don’t always play out like a Hallmark TV movie. Every year we end up taking on too much and spend our time prepping for the holidays instead of enjoying them. And between all that hustle and bustle lies your happiness … and in some cases, your sanity. 

After all is said and done in January, will you still be exhausted and stressed wondering if you could have done it better? Between the money spent and the energy lost to create it all, did you enjoy yourself?

Let MOD help. Think of our personal assistants your behind the scenes ‘Martha Stewart’. No one has to know we are there. Making your house, your holiday table, all the food and all the presents look like those Pinterest pictures we all slobber over. 

Starting with an eight hour package, MOD can keep you out of the crowded stores, offer a fresh taste to your holiday food or pull out all those decorations from your attic and make your house come to life. If you need more help, we have full time assistants on staff ready to take on the most aggressive To-Do Lists. 

A GIFT FOR YOU is putting your feet up and enjoy the hot chocolate by the fire with your guests instead of slaving away in the kitchen.

OR GIVE THE GIFT–if you know someone in need of a hand, MOD Assistants are a great gift for family or friends. If there’s a new mom, someone enduring bad health or an elderly relative that could use a helping hand, sign them up with MOD. Its a gift that keeps giving for as many hours as needed. We are another smile to help them along the way.

Getting professionals to help behind the scenes will bring back the holiday joy back to make this holiday season your best yet. Learn more about our Holiday Help Package options here –> MOD Holiday Help