Meet Jenny Wetzel

Virtual Business Assistant

Jenny Wetzel

Virtual Business Assistant, Columbus, OH

Despite my education in Psychology, or maybe because of it, I have always been drawn to helping other people streamline processes and get more organized. This began for me in 2007 when my friend opened a bakery in Denver, CO and I just couldn’t help but get involved! I have worked as a manager and assistant in various ways since then.

What I Love to Do

I really enjoy helping small business owners by taking extra tasks off their plates so they can focus on their passion. Some of my favorite tasks are communicating with clients and customers. solving scheduling issues, and helping solve organizational problems.

Notable Skills

    • Virtual Household Management
    • Schedule / Calendar Organization
    • Excellent Communication Skills
    • Strong Interpersonal Skills
    • Time Management and Organization

Proficient In

      • Microsoft Office
      • Google Suite
      • Social Media
      • Asana

What They’re Saying

“I have had a MOD assistant for over a year, it’s been incredibly productive and such a time saver to have a virtual assistant and they do a fantastic job!”