Welcome to the new MOD Assistants!

After much time and thought, we are so thrilled to introduce the new look of our personal and business assistant services. With change comes questions and we want to be open with our current clients and anyone interested in our services.

Why Change?
JustBe Assistants saw great success over the last several years running under the original owner, Brenda Parker. When the business was sold, we thought it was time to freshen up the look, the feel and the goals of the business in the future. With that came a new owner, a new name, a new website — but the same great people and services!

What Does MOD Mean?
The decision of our new name was the most time consuming of this whole process. After A LOT of back and forth and a lot of input from our family and friends, we decided on the name MOD Assistants for a few reasons:

  1. We like to think of ourselves as the MODern assistant. Having someone in your life that you trust help you with the day-to-day responsibilities is not just something for the rich and famous. We are all busy and you should be able to reach out and ask for help. We want MOD to be that help for you.
  2. The word ‘mod’ translated into Italian means ‘hack’. We loved that! Everyone is looking for an easy life ‘hack’ to help them stay organized and focused. MOD Assistants can be your ‘life hack.’
  3. For those of us who work or have ever worked in the service industry, we see the word MOD and we think Manager On Duty. In a restaurant a M.O.D is the unspoken hero. He or she keeps the staff organized, keeps the kitchen running well and is sure to keep the guests pleased. They run the show (behind the scenes). Same with MOD Assistants.

What Has Changed?
We are still offering the same options for personal and business assistant services with some minor changes. One thing that has changed is our pricing and billing structure. During the rebranding of the business we noticed that billing for our clients and our assistants was tedious and at times labor intensive. In order to alleviate this we have moved from a hourly pricing structure to a weekly billing cycle. Not only will this be easy for everyone involved, it also offers our clients access to discounts that we never had before! Please visit our personal services and business services pages to see more about pricing.

We are looking forward to all of the great opportunities in our future and we hope you will join us in this adventure. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!