Is your January Resolution to get your house in order and keep it in order…but you also share that house with your kids? Talk about a challenge 😓. Even if they didn’t get another two dozen stuffed animals for Christmas there’s a good chance they’ve already maxed out their allotted toy space (is it just us, or does it shrink on a daily basis??). So how can you work with the space you have without shoving piles of toys into the closet where they’re less used and likely forgotten? We’ve got some ideas!

Purge old, damaged, or unused toys

If you didn’t already prepare your play rooms before the Holidays, a great way to start is by removing What you don’t need–whether its been outgrown, broken, or is no longer loved. Somehow it’s easy to allow broken and outgrown toys to pile up when you’re not looking, so those should be the first to go. Then when you’re ready to tackle the rest, it’s a great opportunity to teach little ones about giving and sharing.

Pro-tip: once you’ve gotten them to agree about what’s being donated, get it out of the house! If they don’t see it sitting by the door every day they won’t be tempted to sneak it back into the rotation of toys.

Try rotating toys weekly

While this is easier to do with younger kids, the idea can be adjusted for all ages, Instead of keeping all toys out in bedrooms, play rooms, or living rooms, separate them and rotate when they are out and available. This keeps the toys from getting too disorganized together and keeps your kiddos from being burnt out and bored. For older kids, this could keep them from constantly stacking forgotten activities all over their desk—one that might better be used for homework.

Find specific and unique storage options

Not all toys are as easily concealed, and you might not want them to completely disappear! Organizing toys doesn’t mean you need to pretend you don’t have kids. You’re more likely to convince them to keep their space clean if it speaks to them and maintains its function (fun!) instead of prioritizing an aesthetic that isn’t their own. Here are a few options for different spaces throughout your home:

  1. Storage benches for that all too necessary living room hiding spot.
  2. Traditional Shelves and Bins for spaces of all shapes and sizes.
  3. Stuffed animal hammocks for your Squishmallows enthusiast.
  4. The perfect bench and shelf unit in one will create a cozy nook for your book worms (while keeping toys tidy for you).

Organizing with your little ones is a great way to teach them how to keep things clean! Let them take the reins and organize the way it makes sense to them. It may seem a little disjointed, but know that with your encouragement they’ll learn what works best for them. They’ll also be more likely to keep their space clean if they’ve taken ownership over the organization process and enjoy the means of storage. So best of luck keeping your home neat and clean this new year. And remember, if you don’t have time to think about it, we can help you get started, keep things neat, and check in to see how you’re doing.