You’ve planned your Thanksgiving meal. You’ve prepped the ingredients. The pies are baked. The turkey is brining … but wait, what about decor?! You completely forgot to plan your table scape. Don’t panic and use what you have! Here are our top ten ideas for last minute decor using common household items.

Leaves, Pinecones and Acorns

  • Leaf Name Cards. Head outside and search for a few dry, unbroken colorful leaves. Use a sharpie or paint pen to write your guests names on the leaves. They look especially festive if you have a sparkly sharpie laying around the house, like these.
  • Pinecone Place Settings. You can keep this really simple by attaching a small piece of notecard with the name of each guest between one of the cone’s spikes. If you want to jazz up your table a bit and you have some spray paint or even your kid’s paint around, add some color to each pinecone, like these.
  • DIY Pinecone Wreath. If you are looking to add some festive decor to your home along with your table scape, the pinecones laying in your front yard make the perfect tool. These are gorgeous.
  • Acorn Napkin Ring. This pairs well with the leaf name cards. It takes a little bit of crafting skills, but if you are up for it – the result is adorable. DIY instructions here.

Leftover Pumpkins

Do you still have pumpkins on the front porch, leftover from Halloween? Don’t let them go to waste, use them as autumn themed decor! Paint the leftover pumpkins for a colorful centerpieces, carve out the center and add faux flowers or keep it really simple and line the small pumpkins down the center of the table with some pinecones.

Apples with Greenery

Why not use the beautiful autumn colors that nature gives us? Raid your refrigerator for a variety of apple types, colors, and sizes to create a simple, yet festive centerpiece. Feel free to add pumpkins, pears, and any other fall fruit to create a beautiful assortment.

Homemade Garland

Use construction paper or cardboard to make a homemade Thanksgiving garland. It is a lot easier than it sounds. Check out this step-by-step guide here.

Printed Menu

A printed menu can be placed at each person’s seat, or a large one can be displayed. There are a ton of templates available online and they are easily customizable. You could also include a Thanksgiving blessing on the menu card. Check out Canva for some quick, customizable templates.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are so versatile. They can be filled with fresh flowers, string lights, candles, etc. You can also add string or a wire handle to them to hang them as lanterns.

Butcher Paper Tablecloth

We love this idea because it makes cleaning a breeze! No worries about spills all over your nice tablecloth and if you have kids at the dinner table, give them some crayons and let them go wild! They’ll be entertained and you can enjoy your meal.
Who says you need to spend a fortune on holiday decor, use what’s all around you. Happy Thanksgiving!