Grabbing stools at Tap Fourteen rooftop beer garden, MOD Assistant Ali Scordato, greets me with a warm smile and orders us some of her favorites off the menu.  It’s a beautiful afternoon in the city. The patio is filled with both tourists and Colorado locals, making for great people watching and conversation. Tap Fourteen is Ali’s go to place in Denver to hang out. “I come her with my fiancé and friends, I love the atmosphere and view of Coors Field.” Leaning back to take in the sunshine, Ali happily comments on her journey to make a home for herself in Colorado and how she followed her dreams to do it.

Growing up in a small town of northern Illinois, Ali had yet to experience the mountains and the western lifestyle.  Leaving the Midwest to attend college in Colorado, Ali knew this was where she wanted to live her life. Even her parents moved to Fort Collins to join her love for the mountain air.

How would someone describe you?

Ali:  Ha, well I think it would depend on who’s answering that question. Most people I first meet find me shy. However, my family and close friends would probably tell you that I am very personable and like to plan everything.  I am very organized and pay attention to the details in life, which makes me a good friend and family member.

Recently moving back to Denver from Portland, Oregon, Ali and her fiancé finally feel at home.  Beginning new careers and preparing to be married, they are happy knowing that they are on the path to achieving their goals.

Have you had a significant professional moment in your career?

Ali: The most significant moment was also one of the riskiest moments I have had as an adult. A couple years ago, I moved to Portland, Oregon without securing a job. Luckily, I found one and had an amazing boss who offered me the opportunity to learn a variety of skills and grow quickly in the company.  That experience offered me the confidence I needed to pursue my goals and take more risks professionally to do what I love now living in Denver.

Describe your experience as a MOD Assistant. How do you give “more time to live” to your clients?

Ali: MOD Assistants is a company owned and run by women. Now, no offense to men but great women inspire me. MOD Assistants has a unique work culture, and I am very proud to be a part of a business who cares so much about their clients as well as their employees.  I am truly living my dream job. It wasn’t too long ago I was daydreaming about getting paid to create to do lists and organizing people’s lives.

As a virtual assistant to many of my clients, I offer organization, time management techniques and relieve them from tasks I can do over the phone or on the computer. Usually when I first start with a client they begin totally overwhelmed. But within days or a week, they gain a sense of sanity since they no longer worry about doing it all. Relieving them from the multitasking gives them more time to do what they love and I am happy to be a part of that process.

What is your definition of “happiness”?

Ali: Being so detailed oriented, I find the little things bring me happiness.  It’s not so much the big things I tend to care about as much as the brief moments I find myself appreciating. I enjoy cuddling on the couch with my dog or taking a hike in the mountains. I try to carve out bits of time for myself so I may appreciate what I have in my life.

What’s next?

Ali: I’m getting married next Fall 2018.  I’m dreaming of an outdoor wedding in the mountains. My fiancé proposed in the snow at Winter Park and I can’t wait to share another fairytale moment in Colorado. Other than that, I plan to keep growing professionally, gaining new clients and expanding my skills. I also would like to spend more time hiking and hopefully accomplish a fourteener.