We’ve all been there at some point – endless boxes, piles of belongings that only seem to grow larger, ongoing trips to donation centers, back-breaking labor of loading cars and trucks with heavy boxes and furniture – it’s MOVING DAY!

Now imagine this – you’re sitting on a beach in Mexico, sipping cocktails in the warm sun and listening to the waves crash against the shore while someone else moves for you. Sound too good to be true? For Jessica, that was exactly her experience. How did she pull it off? With her MOD Assistant, of course. With the help of her personal assistant, MOD was able to execute a smooth move while Jessica was out of the country, and Jessica came home to a ready-to-live-in house!



Jessica’s move was made extra tricky because there was a months time-lag between closing on her old home and moving into her new home. Step one for MOD was finding somewhere for Jessica and her family to stay during that time, as well as finding a storage unit for their belongings. Weeks ahead of the move, MOD was busy researching storage units and hotels, making checklists and spreadsheets, scheduling movers and furniture deliveries. All Jessica had to do was make the final decisions from our prequalified lists.



Jessica’s assistant was the on-site moving wizard – she purchased boxes and other packing supplies and packed up the entire house for storage. She met with Jessica ahead of time to do a walk-through of the new home so they could draw out a plan of where the furniture and boxes needed to go on move-in day. Since MOD handled packing the boxes at the old house, we were able to pack them according to Jessica’s organization desires at the new house.



Outside of the manual labor of moving, there was a lot of virtual work to be done as well. Leading up to the move, MOD secured a storage unit, managed the furniture deliveries to the new home, setup a temporary PO Box, filled out address change forms, researched security systems and scheduled an appointment with the cable company for the day of the move.



Jessica’s only role in the process was to forward her assistant email information as needed (confirmations for orders/appointments) and approve major decisions. She left cash for tips and then headed off to Mexico, trusting us to get it done on moving day.



Moving day would not have been nearly as smooth is we didn’t add in a second MOD Assistant to help in directing operations. One assistant met the movers at the storage unit while another assistant stayed at the new home to supervise furniture deliveries and internet installation. With both assistants back at the house they worked together to supervise the final move-in – directing boxes and furniture to their appropriate rooms and overseeing the final cleanup.

In the days following the move, MOD set up new housecleaning services, tidied up following the move and began unpacking items based on Jessica’s game plan. Jessica came back from Mexico to a clean and furnished home, and (we would bet) breathed a sigh of relief.

Moving is not without its headaches, and this move certainly had them – movers getting lost on the way to the storage unit, equipment in the way of getting out of the storage unit, multiple deliveries trying to move in and out of the house at once – but Jessica didn’t have to worry about it one bit. Remember she was on a beach in Mexico! She had complete trust in MOD Assistants to run the show and we are so happy to report that the move was a success.

If you’re interested in getting moving help (or general help) from a MOD assistant, reach out today: info@hiremod.com.