Olivia Dwyer


meet Olivia Dwyer

Personal/Business Assistant

Olivia Dwyer

Personal/Business Assistant, Denver CO


Hello! I am 28 years old located in Boulder, CO and have dipped my toes in many fields. My past experience involved high stress environments while requiring a level of awareness and attention to detail. I am very versatile in my skill set and look forward to helping you get on track!

What I Love to Do

I love anything that requires me to problem solve and troubleshoot a solution on my own. I appreciate direction, but love a client who will trust me to come up with a solution myself if it comes to that. My mind runs a mile a minute and I tend to work very fast, so I am able to tackle what you need done in a timely and efficient manner!

Notable Skills

I run my own part time Life Coaching Business and run a Tik Tok with 20,000 followers! I am always creating new content and growing my social media presence and business! I look forward to helping with your needs!

Proficient In

  • Microsoft Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

What They’re Saying

“I have had a MOD assistant for over a year, it’s been incredibly productive and such a time saver to have a virtual assistant and they do a fantastic job!”