Does you use social media for your small business? Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed with the amount you have to post throughout the week to maintain your follower interaction? Have you ever accidentally forgotten to post? Do you get tired of juggling multiple social media platforms? We get it! Social media, while necessary, can be a headache to manage without help wrangling it all. That’s why we love the social media scheduling site—both for our own online content and for managing clients’ content.

What it is?

“ is the all-in-one social marketing platform for the top social networks.”

Later allows you to AutoPublish so you can create content upfront and let it go out without having to stress about always being on your phone. This way you can schedule your posts across several different platforms during each website’s peak hours.

Pro Tip: The best times to post on social media are Tuesdays through Thursdays at 9 or 10 in the morning.

How to use it:

For each social account, upload any media you want to post, drag it onto your schedule, and set your caption! Since you have to upload your posts for different platforms separately, it is a good opportunity to adjust both the post time (based on that platform’s peak hours) and the text for your post. You know your accounts best! Do your instagram posts get more reaction when you have more or less text, emojis, hashtags, etc? How about Facebook? Twitter? This gives you the opportunity to easily specify one post across multiple platforms so it can best work for you.

Other reasons we like it:

  • Its so easy! Their interface is simple to use and they have tons of How-To guides that will keep your social media skills sharp!
  • You can view your scheduled posts a week or month at a time for a great overview of the content that will be posted to your pages. For Instagram you’re also able to “preview” what your feed will look like which gives you the opportunity to adjust posts based on color scheme or any patterns you might try to keep consistent.
  • Flexible plans: On top of their free plan, they have several paid plans that upgrade your features; including seeing more in depth analytics, the best time to post, a visual planner for instagram, hashtag suggestions, and more!
  • You’re able to create a page for Instagram to neatly have all your links in one aesthetically pleasing, easy to access place.
  • It’s available for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
  • It allows you to track your analytics: from hashtags to post performance to page traffic.

Using a Social Media Scheduler, especially one like, will streamline your online presence and ultimately give you back time that you once spent frantically and sporadically posting to your many accounts. Try it today and see why our assistants choose to help our clients!