The biggest misconception about what personal assistants do for a living is that they do everything and anything for their boss. Which could mean even breaking up with their significant other… awkward. If you have ever seen the Netflix Comedy, Set it Up, or The Devil Wears Prada starring Meryl Streep, you know what I’m talking about. Essentially, these two movies portray personal assistants to high-level C-Suite executives who, in short, are required to be at the beck and call of their employer. For instance, having a “night off” is unimaginable.

Although these two movies provide a ton of comedic relief if you’re looking for a good Friday night movie to watch. They are in no way a true representation of what personal assistants do. They also depreciate the value of what hiring an assistant can do for your business or personal life!

3 Reasons Why Personal Assistants are More Valuable than What You See in Movies:

1. They can work WITH you to provide relief in your daily schedule

Unlike the assistants portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada, personal assistants should be treated as valuable assets. Their main goal should be to provide a “weight lifted” off your shoulders. However small or tedious the tasks they are assigned to do are, they should be related to a bigger goal or purpose other than making the assistant’s life stressful for fun.

2. A trusted additional resource for you

Instead of viewing an assistant as someone who just does the grunt work for you and clocks out at the end of the day. A personal assistant can be someone who is a valuable asset to helping you grow in your personal or professional life. Because of a loyal/ trustworthy bond that is built, you can bounce ideas off of your assistant or use them as an additional resource- not just a coffee slave, Miranda Presley.


3. They can provide you with peace of mind

Above all, number 3 is the best thing about personal assistants in today’s world. A trusted assistant can be hard to find and is probably one of the reasons why most people decide not to have one because the hiring process is difficult. Finding someone you can FULLY trust with your personal life, or business can be scary.

This is why hiring a MOD Assistant takes away that stressful aspect, as all assistants are background-checked and vetted before starting with the team. Don’t just take our word, click here, to see what our current clients are saying about us!