Living in a such a demanding world, being home for dinner may not always be first priority. Working 24-7 has become the norm.  Career driven adults and technology savvy children are far from previous generations home for the night by 5:30pm.  Parents who face the daily multi tasking of raising children, working, activities, and managing finances … just getting through the day is our new priority.

It doesn’t have to be that way. When family steps back into view, it might be beneficial to not fully unplug from office mode.  If there was a way to create a healthier and happier home using the same practices as a successful company, most of us would stop and listen, right?

Try incorporating these office management tactics in your home.  Turn the madness into clockwork as you transform the blur of the daily grind into more memorable moments for you and your loved ones.

— Weekly Meetings —

In your family there may be meals, vacations, and backyard fun, but are there meetings? Its a challenge for first time parents as well as families in the thick of growing to stop and review their progress. Holding 15-30 minute weekly meetings to discuss current events, standards on discipline or brainstorming better methods to handling chores may offer insight to smoother operations.

— Mandatory Family Time —

Family time takes a new meaning when its mandatory. Families who play together stay together. Just like company’s who have employee benefits and team building programs, the family unit need attention as well as incentives to remain a strong team. Planning get togethers that excite everyone will encourage attendance and create precious moments outside of the normal holiday get togethers.  Monthly or quarterly events will alleviate any guilt when work gets busy.

— Monthly Goals —

Setting monthly goals will allow the family unit to stay on task together. Its a team game. Allowing each person to set a specific goal will promote responsibility and accountability. Succeeding in achieving goals will keep the family motivated and will offer opportunities to spend time with one another in celebration.

— Communication —

Parents have tendency to believe they have all the answers, but maybe they don’t. Allowing children to have a voice is important. Empower children to pick their rewards and punishments so they are more aware of their behavior. Handling disappointment is also another lesson children can encounter within the comfort of the family environment at an early age.

— Establish Core Values —

Writing a mission statement will encourage everyone to be mindful of the basic exceptions and boundaries of the family.  Passion, consistency, love and discipline turn into a happy home life which runs efficiently.  Holding true to the values of mission outside the home, the family will be more aware of how their actions affect the reputation of their name.

And … You’ll Need an Assistant

MOD Assistants encourages happiness, growth and #moretimetolive. Allow our assistants to work with you to create schedules and help you successfully manage your family.  From running errands, creating meals, setting appointments, and planning special events; MOD is there to be an extra hand. Best of luck to a successful happy home!

– this post was written by MOD Assistants, Lauren Just