Some people approach work with energy, motivation and grace. One of those people is Shelly Hattel, a MOD Assistant who has mastered the duty of care.

Growing up in Colorado since the age of nine, Shelly has the cheer and spirit sure to bring joy to your day. Confident and proficient in all things involved to run a smooth and organized home, Shelly has a warm and caring personality with a hard working ethic. As a certified herbalist and artist in her spare time, Shelly enjoys the simple things in life, including keeping you and your home organized and stress free.

Sitting down with Shelly, a sense of peace fills the room. Sipping tea together, I was offered insight into her life, work and secrets to how simple pleasures can change a lifestyle.

What is your definition of “happiness”?

Shelly: I see happiness based on circumstances so I tend to judge my joy since as it can’t be shaken or swayed by the environment. I have an inner joy and try not to allow stress into my life. Life is too short to be stressed out. I would say happiness to me is when family is together. My kids are grown now, so it takes more energy to organize them all together. When we get them all in the same room it’s a very good day.

As a wife, mother and former caregiver to the elderly, she has extensive experience in caring for people and their needs. Previously owned and operated her own child day care business, Shelly is also great and trained to care for children.

 What are you known for?

Shelly: Daily grind stuff. I love helping people and the daily tasks are usually the things I can easily take off my clients’ plates. My nature is to nurture and I strive to meet the needs of others. I would be happy to clean a toilet or change bed sheets, if that will help someone. I have no problem handling the grunt work. I would say people know that about me and they know regardless the task it will be done well. I also pay attention to the details and ensure I leave a nice impression with who I work with.

What have been the most influential experiences in your life?

Shelly: I have accomplished a lot in my 53 years. However, what really shaped me was the duty of caring for both of my parents until the end of their lives.  The job was super challenging but a real humbling experience. After they passed, I was greatly impacted. I became present and aware of life. I make a point to savor every moment.

If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?

Shelly: A cucumber. Ever since I was a little girl, I thought cucumbers taste like fresh air and rain. I like both of those things very much.

How would you convince someone to do something they didnt want to do?

Shelly: She laughed and snickered, Why would I do that? If it was something that was not harmful I would use this trick. Make it simple and keep this little phase in mind: The stewing is worse than the doing. For example, I am loading the dishwasher.  I look at the clock and then I unload the dishwasher. Done in 4 minutes.

Learning to convince yourself that it’s not that big of a deal makes any task seem a lot easier to handle.  Also, be accountable so you can reward yourself. I keep good chocolate on hand for the small accomplishments during the day.

What’s it like to be a MOD employee?

Shelly: This company nurtures relationships.  Being a part of MOD is more than task oriented responsibilities.  Feeling the genuine care expressed throughout each relationship, makes me feel that I am doing more than a job. Knowing my efforts are helping people makes me happy. It’s a give and take to better a lifestyle and the clients I have are just as caring about me as I am of them.  I feel valued as an employee of MOD and I know each client is valued just as much.

Finishing the interview, we step outside the office. Before we part ways I ask, “If you were to find a winning lottery ticket in this parking lot for $10 million what would you do?”

She states that she would give a portion to her ministry and set up funds for all her loved ones so they could retire happily.

Taking each day as a small duty to the big picture, Shelly’s passion is taking her clients domestic responsibilities and transforming their home into a personal sanctuary. She ensures that all services are tailored to meet the needs of her clients. It’s about “people helping people.  I hope I make others feel valued and that I have surpassed their expectation,” she says with a smile.

Be in good hands with Shelly and MOD Assistants.