Running a business, territory or/and client base can be a heavy task without help.  The lifestyle in real estate is a constant hustle due to limited time and competitive marketing. You know that old saying, you have to spend money to make money? Don’t be afraid to ask for help with the small things so you can concentrate on marketing yourself and your properties.



From networking to selling, being present is key in the world of real estate. YOU are the face of your business. YOU need to be out there promoting, making contacts and growing your database. Yes, there is still administrative work to be done and that is where an assistant comes into play. It’s time to work smarter not harder.

To remain focused on clients and effectively time manage, an extra hand can offer support in this independent profession. Having an assistant in today’s hectic and high-powered world of real estate could be the key to successfully growing business.



Finding someone to trust and someone you work well with is the most important aspect in this work culture. Therefore, the question is whether to hire an experienced executive assistant or an inexperienced real estate professional? All MOD Assistants have passed a full background check and have at least one year experience in a related field before joining the team.

It may be a good option to try out temporary assistance with MOD during the busy spring/summer season. Then you can see how a new person will affect your business. An outsourced assistant for just a few hours a week can make such a big difference in the work flow of your office.



There is plenty of work for an assistant in real estate. For instance, a virtual assistant is ideal for repetitive administrative tasks – managing spreadsheets and client listings, coordinating contracts, scheduling appointments and phone calls, communicating with clients and ultimately freeing up time for you so you can concentrate on — THE SALE.  Perhaps your office would benefit more with an in-person assistant – the administrative tasks listed above could be accomplished along with support at client meetings and open houses.



The best part about MOD is the flexibility. No need to worry about salary or benefits, raises or bonuses. Your assistant is paid on an hourly basis, as low as $30/hr. The commitment for our recurring clients is 60 days and for our project-based clients, no commitment at all! (compare our pricing options here)  If you were hiring a full time employee, what would they do during the slow winter months? Would you have enough work for them, and more importantly would your business’ income support their cost during those slow months? Rather than creating more work for yourself and hiring independently, gain business productivity instantly with MOD.


As your time is our #1 priority, MOD offers a quick interview process. Our assistants are equipped with time tracking and expense software so you are always aware of how your assistant is helping your business. We pride ourselves in being mindful of our clients, ensuring goals are met, daily schedules are prepared and appointments are confirmed, always with a “can do” attitude.

Our assistants are filling up for the spring and summer real estate season. Reach out today to get started!