Emily Brandon

Virtual Assistant, Fort Moore GA

I am a mom to three boys and a military wife that is constantly adjusting to the ever-changing life and managing the schedule of our household. In my prior employment, aside from my day to day duties, I was tasked in multiple projects to identify issues in processes and find solutions to remedy those while improving functionality of the applications; similar to the needs of what you may experience as well.

What I Love To Do

Data Entry/ CRM Maintenance – this is where I really shine and can apply my prior skills the best.

Email/ Calendar management – let me help uncomplicate, organize and prioritize what matters most!

Online Research – I am knowledgeable on how to find reputable and trustworthy information to be able to apply to your project.

Notable Skills

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong concentrated focus on building and maintaining key relations
  • Time management and organization

Proficient In

Microsoft Office
Google Suite
Data Entry

What They're Saying