Love My Assistant!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for connecting me with the perfect personal assistant. She is absolutely fabulous and has been keeping me calm while she helps me with my move et al! I love her!

You Rock!

You rock! You make my life easy 🙂 You are a huge help in influencing my ability to focus on the growth of my business instead of scheduling and calls. So thank you!

Organized my Home Office – Amazing Job!

I decided to hire MOD Personal Assistants to help organize my home office. It was not comfortable for me to ask someone to come into my home and help me organize and create an organization system! I have had a crazy, and BUSY, year and-a-half; my home office had become my dumping ground and it was embarrassing.

Well, my experience was absolutely wonderful and my feelings were confirmed. My assistant did an amazing job, and her work has left me with a feeling of total peace when I walk in my office. I feel on top of things, and I am confident I can keep up the system MOD helped me create. Thank you!

Strongly Recommend!

I am the Executive Director of a medical association and the sole employee serving a board of physicians. I was granted 12 weeks of Maternity Leave and hired MOD to cover for me during my absence. My assistant was easy to train. She took thorough notes of the processes she would need to follow and became very familiar with all aspects of the business of my organization. During my absence she handled all matters with perfect efficiency and ease. She contacted me on occasion to verify course of action only on the most unique circumstances. I felt that she handled all queries very appropriately.

Upon returning to the office I found everything in perfect order. There were very few loose ends. I felt like I had been gone for just a weekend and not a full 12 weeks. That was truly a gift and a pleasure. I would strongly recommend!

Conscientious, Reliable, Organized, and Responsible

Your staff are very conscientious, reliable, organized, and responsible.

Everything was taken care of!

My MOD Assistant covered my business for two weeks while I went on vacation. I hadn’t been able to go on a vacation for 14 years. It was wonderful to be able to know everything was taken care of.

Impressive Level of Integrity

I am impressed with the level of integrity of MOD. They have a key to my house and I trust them completely. When I broke my ankle, they took me to the mall to run errands. I had forgotten something in my car, so my MOD Personal Assistant ran back to get it, and when she came back, she said she had found a twenty dollar bill. I had in fact lost it, but she could have just picked it up and kept it!

Superb Job! Spectacular Assistants!

In this day and age of rush, rush, rush, everyone can use a spectacular assistant that gets the job done with expertise and an ultra-high level of service. This is exactly what MOD Personal Assistants do. I have utilized them on many occasions and they always do a superb job. My clients absolutely love them and rave about how knowledgeable and service-oriented they are. There is no company I trust more to handle projects of any size. I have asked them to take on projects that are new to them or at the last moment, and no matter what, they always deliver stellar results! And, they deliver great value. I whole-heartedly recommend their services!

Great Dog Sitter!

My husband and I travel a great deal and have several dogs that are like our “children” to us. We hired MOD to stay in our house and care for our dogs-they are used to several walks a day and great amount of love. When we arrived home, our dogs were in great moods, happy to see us. Our house was clean and organized-it was a great way to return home from a fabulous vacation!

Great Staff – Tremendously Helpful!

I just had to take a moment and tell you how great your staff is and how tremendously helpful [my assistant] has been and continues to be in the planning aspects for conference! Everyone working on the event loves her, it’s really hard to believe she started mid-way thru and ramped up so quickly!!

Worry-Free Vacation!

[MOD] took care of our two cats and house-sat while my husband and I went on vacation. Our cats were happy campers when we returned home. I would recommend MOD to anyone who wants a more worry-free vacation!

Great Event Planners!

MOD has been an incredible asset to my growing business. I can confidently go after larger contracts knowing that if and when I get into a bind…the team will be there to answer phones, organize, assist with systematic efficiencies, and provide critical event planning assistance.

Fabulous Assistants!

You are so good at what you do!! Which for me is in large part trusting you… and I do so entirely. Thank you so much for providing your fabulous assistants and coordinating my whole office move. I love my new office! And could not have asked for it to go any more smoothly!


I am impressed with the level of service offered by MOD. The level of organization and attention to detail make for an excellent experience. The team is professional and versatile.