Picture this: you come home from a long day at the office, you sit in the living room, pop in a movie or pick up a book and a glass of wine and work towards relaxation. Unfortunately, something is missing and you don’t feel as relaxed as you maybe could. What’s worse? You can’t put your finger on it… Maybe the TV isn’t facing the proper direction or your pillows don’t really move with you like you’d like. We’ve all been there; sometimes, the space we call “home” isn’t quite as uniquely homey and fitting as we might like. We totally understand! It takes a lot more than a couch, a TV, a shower and a bed to make a home. Furthermore, we understand that coming home to a space that doesn’t perfectly represent you can be stressful and discouraging. Knowing this, we try to make our homes and our spaces as unique and quirky as we are, using fun clocks, pillows, bed spreads, book ends and the like. As we’ve mentioned though, making your house a home is sometimes easier said than done.

The question is then, how do we solve this? For most of us, the issue comes down to time, money and sometimes, a lack of know-how. While the “made to order” kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms at IKEA are wonderfully idyllic inspirations, they’re not altogether practical or attainable for most people. The bed frame, which matches the desk, which matches the bed side table is probably expensive and doesn’t quite compliment the vintage chairs you kept from your first apartment (however long ago). The spaces we spend our time in say a lot about who we are and the sort of environment we hope to cultivate and indulge in. Very much like modern day interior design with a spiritual twist, the ancient art of Feng Shui captures this idea and works to guide people into creating spaces that work for them.

No one understands the spiritual mission of Feng Shui better than expert Dana Caludat. Caludat, a Standford educated Feng Shui master, writer, art historian and design guru is one of the most credible and down to earth resources on cultivating and creating your space. Luckily, Just Be has scoured the internet for her teachings and will be sharing some of them with you here!

Firstly, we think it’s important for people to understand the benefits of Feng Shui. Then, we’ll give you the tools and resources to do the rest!

Feng Shui creates intention in your life. The more intentionally you think about your space and how welcome you (or others around you) feel in it, the more intentional you can be about other choices in your life.

Your spaces and their décor, amiability, design and cleanliness are representations of you. Clean or dirty, bright or hushed, playful or serious, your spaces certainly say something about who you are. With such outward representations of self, it can (and should) be fun and challenging to create spaces that are representative of you and your style. Feng Shui can help you create the representations you want people to see!

The better suited your space is to house you, the more time you may spend there. Therefore, creating a space that is uniquely yours can make relaxation that much easier and more enjoyable.

It looks like she’s also putting together an entire DIY course on Feng Shui with vlogs and youtube guides. You can check THAT one out at: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/course/your-guide-to-diy-feng-shui-change-your-space-to-change-your-life