No one wants to spend their days running around outside in Texas when the lows are anything but low and the highs are reaching nearly 110. Despite that, the Summer months are among the most common for Americans looking to move—and trying to do it all by yourself makes for long, sweaty, exhausting days. Luckily, we partner with moving companies to provide you with the best experience as you undergo your exciting life change. Below we’ve collected a list of the best moving companies in Dallas so that all you have to worry about is what kind of take out you’re ordering when you get settled in to your new home.

  1. Element Moving & Storage
    Started by Elle and Lee Nesher, a “married team”, whose vision is: “To be the best, most customer-focused, and successful moving company.” They offer local and long distance moving as well as specialty moving services for antiques, wine, pianos, auto transport, and more! If you’re really in a pinch and don’t want to have to worry about getting all of your belonging moved safely, they offer packing and unpacking services on top of exceptional moving.Added bonus: They are committed to “green moving” by using recycled and reusable moving materials and offering eco-friendly moving crates. They also offer donation pickup services for anything you set aside while packing.We cannot rank them highly enough!
  2. Einstein Moving
    They offer residential, apartment, and office moves as well as help with portable and storage moving throughout all of Texas. They have a feature that allows you to meet your movers before they arrive at your house. You’ll be sent their pictures and bio so that you can get to know them a bit before they come into yout home and handle your personal items. We love how thoughtful that is!
  3. Phoenix Express Moving
    They offer moving services within DFW, within Texas, and across country. They can also be hired as in-house/in-office muscle for any projects that might need things moved out of the way (ex: flooring or renovations). Don’t try to move that piano all by yourself!
  4. King Moving Company
    They began as a comapany that specializes in moving antiques and decorative items (which they still do) and have since offered home and office moving services.

And don’t forget! Our assistants can help with organizing and packing as well as working with the moving company for all the day-of details. We’re here to make the time before, during, and after your move as seamless as possible. Here are just a few ways an assistant can help with your upcoming move:

  • Label boxes to make for easy unpacking (and to help the movers with easy relocation).
  • Create a system for boxes by using shorthand or colors to label where they go and if they’re fragile.
  • Keep track of what you pack with an inventory spreadsheet by numbering your boxes, describing whats inside, and labeling where it goes. They can then check off when you load it onto the truck as well as when you unload it into your new home. This extra step is great if you want to be sure nothing is lost in the moving process, or if you tend to forget where things have been packed!
  • Save yourself the headache of getting your mail delivered—your assistant can change your address on all accounts and set up mail forwarding at least 2 weeks prior to the move.

It may be hot, but MOD and our partners are here to keep you calm, cool and collected whenever you plan on moving.