By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the latest Netflix show that’s (quite literally) sweeping the nation: Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. If you haven’t yet been sent into a desperate search of items that spark joy, allow us to elaborate. Marie Kondo made a name for herself by teaching others how to find joy in tidying up their homes and lives using her Konmari method. Netflix transformed her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up into a television show that has sent many of us beelining for a thorough cleansing of our closets.

If you’ve caught the Tidying Up bug but aren’t sure how to get started, or are feeling overwhelmed by the prospect, we have great news: your local MOD assistant is here to help! Marie Kondo’s method revolves around 5 main categories, and we’ll show you how a MOD assistant can help you tackle each one. While the actual process of sorting items is deeply personal, there is a myriad of ways a personal assistant can help lighten the load. Read on to learn how!



Once you’ve sorted through and kept only the items that spark joy for you, you’re left with a rather intimidating mountain of clothing and accessories that needs to go somewhere. Let your MOD assistant help! They can sort through everything to figure out what can be sold/consigned, donated or just thrown out. Apps like Poshmark and ThredUp are a great option if you have a lot of designer or high-end clothes that you could make some money from. Your assistant can post the items to the app and manage communication and sales or can simply take the lot to your local consignment store for a quick and easy solution. Your assistant can bag up anything that’s left and haul it away for you to be donated or thrown out.

But wait – everything you’ve kept needs to get put away now. Your assistant can help with that, too. The two of you can brainstorm an organizational system together, or you can leave it in their trusty hands and come home to a well-organized closet and dresser.



This may or may not be an easy one for you, depending on how much of a bibliophile you are. Have your assistant pull all of your books off the shelves and out of boxes for you. You can have them group by categories to make selecting easier, such as non-fiction/fiction or by genre. Once you’ve chosen which books spark joy, have your assistant box up the rest to donate!



Chances are if you work from home or run your own business, you have an overwhelming ocean of paperwork and files that need to be handled. Let your assistant tackle the first hurdle – sorting. Work out a plan for what types of documents they need to look out for and let them sort them into piles for you to look through with a fine-tooth comb. To make your job even easier, start by establishing rules of which documents are safe to toss or shred, such as expired cards or tax returns from the 90s. Once you’ve made the final call on which documents stay, have your assistant file them away accordingly – they can even run out and purchase filing cabinets or folders on your behalf if you don’t have anything at home.



This is the big one. The one you’ve probably been dreading. Marie Kondo’s 4th category includes pretty much everything in your home, from kitchen to bathroom to garage. Don’t get intimidated – remember, you have a MOD assistant on your side! Decide your priorities and take it room by room. Have your assistant go through and pull everything out of drawers and cabinets and sort by type. They can throw out any products that are old or expired and make note of any items that need replenishing or replacing. Work together through the room and note out loud what you’d like to get rid of; your assistant will focus on wrapping, bagging and boxing as you focus on finding what sparks joy. When the project is done, they can donate or toss any items that need it as well as run to the store to pick up those items that need replacing. Don’t forget to have them stop by the Container Store or Target for pretty and functional organizational items to keep everything neat, tidy and accessible.


Sentimental Items

If you’ve watched the show, you’ll know that this is always the hardest category. There are a few ways your assistant can help you complete this task. One is by having them stage sentimental items throughout your home as decorative pieces. Another way they can help is by going out and purchasing beautiful keepsake boxes or display cases so that your cherished memories and belongings have a special, attractive place to live. Collector’s items such as old baseball cards or signed paraphernalia that you no longer wish to keep can be passed along to your assistant to sell at specialty shops or online.


And just like that… you’re done! Your home is cleaner, brighter and most importantly – tidier – and it was made so much easier because you had a MOD assistant to help you out along the way.


If you’ve got the tidying bug and want our help to get it done, contact us here!