We’re heading into a big seasonal shift (cue football games, apple picking, and sweater weather!)—one that comes with full schedules, shorter days, and lots to celebrate in a relatively short period of time. Before you’re buried by all of your obligations and deadlines, now is the perfect time to add a Virtual Assistant to lighten your load. Or, if you already have one, these are the top 10 tasks to give them for a smoother season and end to your year:

  1. Email Management: Sometimes it feels like your inbox won’t stay empty or organized no matter how much time you spend sorting and deleting. Have your assistant make your inbox a part of their daily tasks—they can screen your emails, mark and delete spam, and sort emails into their designated folders (and if it isn’t yet sorted, you can give them that task too!).
  2. Calendar Management: Organizing daily events and work hours, scheduling meetings, and protecting your time are all included in calendar management.
  3. Data Entry/ CRM Maintenance: If you use a CRM, your assistant can take over entering any new clients, editing existing profiles, and running reports. There’s nothing like an organized and well managed CRM to keep you on track and things running smoothly!
  4. Travel Planning: Planning travel can often take as much time as the travel itself. Take the stress out of it by having your assistant research and book your hotels, flights, rentals, and anything else you might need on your trip. Need reservations or tickets to an event? They can do that too!
  5. Online Research: Exactly like it sounds, if you need information on something but don’t have the time to look into it, your assistant can research it thoroughly and present you with the specific and concise information you’ve asked for.
  6. Client Communication/ Relationship Management: Keeping in touch and keeping track of a client base can be overwhelming, especially if your CRM is huge. A great way to have your assistant help boost your relationships with your clients is by having them send birthday cards/emails, congratulatory notes, or any other communication that might take up your time. They can keep on top of this by managing your CRM and taking notes on each client profile.
  7. Content creation and management: If you utilize blogs, social media posts, or newsletters, thats another great opportunity to offload tasks to your VA. They can format and upload your blogs, create graphics using your brand identity for social media, and oversee newsletter distribution. This also gives them a chance to proof read or edit anything you’ve written before it is sent out.
  8. LinkedIn Management: If you’re active on LinkedIn, it can be difficult to see everything you need and connect with everyone you want to know. LinkedIn is also a great place to gather more information to boost client communication, (birthdays, promotions, new jobs, life updates, etc.) which makes it a great opportunity for your VA to enter any new information they find into your CRM.
  9. Expense and Invoice Management: Processing invoices are necessary and time consuming—let your VA handle that!
  10. General Admin Tasks: This can be anything from file organization to placing orders to taking notes—there are always more things to be done which means there are always more tasks to be offloaded.

So start your season right and delegate these top tasks before things kick off! Always remember, when assigning new tasks to your Virtual Assistant, it’s important to keep in mind their skill set, schedule, and personality. And if you’re looking for a VA to join your business, look no further! We always pair assistants based on those important distinctions in order to create the most productive relationship possible.