In the digital age in which we live, everyone—from intern to executive—has a phone in hand. We’re constantly checking emails, texting, taking calls. But there’s more to your mobile phone than communication, and we’re here to share the plethora of other business functions available with you: the 5 best apps for the busy small business manager.


1. LinkedIn

Most businesspeople have a LinkedIn account. But do they have the app? This app, with one of the best social media interfaces on the market, allows you to truly stay connected with your network. From the home screen, which shares updates from your network, to messaging, network, and notifications, the app is vital to truly getting all of the available LinkedIn benefits.

2. Mindnode

Do you wake up in the middle of the night with a big idea? Think of a way to improve on that idea while in the shower, grabbing coffee, driving to the office? Mindnode is for the busy thinker who needs a way to map out details and arrive at a big picture concept. Mindnode utilizes a web format, rather than a static link, to visually organize ideas and concepts.

3. Hootsuite

For anyone with multiple social media accounts linked to their business, Hootsuite is a must have to organize all of the accounts in one place. This time-saver will save you from switching between three or four apps, and allow you to send out one integrated marketing message through all of your social channels.

4. Hotspot Shield

Did you know that while using public Wifi, you’re opening yourself up to hackers? This ingenious app protects everything you’re doing while on Wifi from being hacked. In addition, it can help you unblock websites that may be blocked—such as YouTube—without a problem.

5. HP ePrint

Printing documents may not seem like an executive’s top need, but once you’re on the go and unable to print from your mobile device, you’ll understand the necessity of HP ePrint. This innovative app allows you to print documents, webpages, etc from your mobile phone via Wifi to any local printer.

Have we missed any genius small business apps? Let us know in the comments below!