I start each morning reading one email.  In my inbox each day is my daily agenda along with reminders and tasks that are being handled by my assistant. This email is my anchor to having a smooth, productive day.

Balancing two businesses, networking and managing fitness, friendships and family is no easy task. One year ago, I was like most executives – plowing through day by day – convincing myself I could handle it all.  Then, enough was enough. I couldn’t do it all.  I took a chance and hired a MOD Assistant. She gave me the most precious thing of all … time. Time is what I truly needed to grow and become more successful.

When starting the process, what I liked about MOD was how approachable it felt. Never having an assistant, I was intimidated by the process and hesitant to trust someone managing my life. Within one inquiry call, I received thorough information of how an assistant could work for me. Taking my busy schedule and turning it into a positive plan with basic steps, MOD’s team focused on my goals and was thoughtful when matching an assistant to fit my personality.

I decided to hand off the little things that took up more time then they should. I choose tasks such as management of email, scheduling my appointments, organizing my daily agenda and helping with personal phone calls. I began to see my day get easier.

Hiring on an assistant for a few hours a week was the magical tool that changed my perspective of what I could accomplish.

In the last six months, I’ve learned that delegating the little things makes the biggest impact in my life. Within weeks of hiring a MOD assistant, I was ditching my computer each evening and heading out to dinner with my husband. I was spending weekends hiking and playing in the park with my dog, rather than planning the week ahead. Within months, I didn’t think twice about my emails, schedule or juggling my personal life with managing my two businesses.  I was living my life more efficiently than ever before.

If I have a schedule change, a vacation or a personal task, my assistant jumps right in to help. MOD Assistants are passionate about improving other’s lives. My assistant has opened my perspective to how a little help can go a long way.