6 Ways To Make Working From Home Comfortable

This past year has brought about a lot of changes to our everyday lives. One of the major shifts has been where and how we work. Many businesses are making the decision to permanently close their brick and mortar operations and encouraging employees to work from home. Thus, out of necessity, many of us are transforming spaces in our homes into an office or workspace. Not everyone has a dedicated home office and working from home (especially when you’re not used to it), can be challenging. The good news is, we’ve rounded up some work from home essentials to make the transition not only manageable, but enjoyable and productive!


Seems like the perfect place to start. You need a work surface, no matter what your situation at home. If you have room for a desk or a full home office, consider yourself lucky! If you don’t have space set aside for a desk there are still a lot of great options to keep you productive and comfortable.

THIS small desk with an adjustable height option is designed to take up minimal space, but still be fully functional.

Comfortable Chair

If you are setting up a desk space, is there anything more important than a comfortable chair? This is where you will be quite literally parking yourself for 8 hours per day and the chair you choose better be comfortable! Some things to consider when choosing the perfect chair: height (adjustable or not), swivel or no swivel, wheels or stationary, leather or fabric and of course, cost. We have a few of our favorites for this category:

THIS chair is a bit pricey, but it accommodates up to 400 pounds, is fully adjustable, and is recommended if you have back problems or plan to sit for long periods of time. This chair is in it for the long run. For a more economical option, THIS chair is adjustable and doesn’t sacrifice comfort. It comes in a few different color options and is ergonomically designed for optimum support. Who says an office chair has to look like an office chair? THIS beautiful velvet chair is soft, sturdy, adjustable, and swivels. It comes in three color options that are sure to match your home office color scheme.

Personal Heater or Plush Throw

As a 100% virtual company, all of our assistants have an office space in their homes and have been working from home long before the current pandemic. So we polled them to find out their #1 WFH essential and the top pick was … a personal heather and/or throw blanket. This might seem counter intuitive, you don’t want to be too comfortable where you feel sluggish but one of the best things about working from home is that we get to be comfortable.

THIS plush throw is soft and velvety on one side with sherpa coziness on the other. It comes in a ton of colors and patterns to please all. THIS heater has a slim profile and can fit in almost any space. It has two heat settings, an 8 hour automatic shutoff, and it oscillates for all over warmth.


Hands up if this year has been stressful? 2020 has been on a whole other level of stress and through these times we have found tricks to keep ourselves calm and grounded while working from home. Our top tip: a minute to stop and breathe. A simple series of deep breaths can completely change your mindset and reset your stress levels. If you are looking to take it a step further, try setting up a diffuser by your workspace to diffuse essential oils. Diffusers are great to combat stress and anxiety, purify the air, and put you in a more serene place. Diffusing essential oils (and there are hundreds of oils and blends) is an easy way to uplift your mood. Certain oils are known to help relieve stress, improve concentration, and even give you an energy boost to fight that 2:00 pm slump. There’s a number of great diffusers out there, but here’s a couple that we recommend.

THIS no-fuss diffuser takes up minimal space, has 4 timers and 2 misting modes, and has several different light settings. What sets THIS diffuser apart is that you can control it via an app on your phone and it is compatible with Amazon Echo. It also has a large capacity water tank, so you can fill it and go about your day.

Indoor Plants

You weren’t expecting this one were you? Before you glance over this suggestion, stay with us for a minute. Adding plants to your home improves air quality and they are aesthetically pleasing. There is something truly rewarding about caring for a plant and seeing it grow and thrive. If you don’t have a green thumb or are forgetful about watering, you still have options! Jade, aloe, philodendron, orchids, snake plant, cacti, and succulents are all forgiving plants. If you don’t know where to start, there are a ton of great online sources to guide you through the early stages of plant-parenthood including THIS book and THIS one.

Water Bottle

It is safe to say that most of us don’t drink enough water. And that could be adding to the feeling of sluggishness halfway through our work days. There are so many water bottle options out there, but THIS top-rated one on Amazon is beautiful and also motivational. It comes in a variety of color schemes, is BPA-free, and includes a soft straw. The cool thing about this water bottle is that has marks etched on it, letting you know when to hit your water intake goals.


*All these great tips and tricks brought to you by Andrea Grimm, one of our Virtual Marketing Assistants.